Nikon 1 J3 arrival date?.... and discussion

tall0n1tall0n1 Posts: 4Member
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I pre-ordered the J3 on January 8th, and the release date was supposed to be February 7th.

Does anyone know if they have started shipping yet?

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  • shawninoshawnino Posts: 453Member
    DXO Mark has already taken its customary crap on this Nikon 1 offering, so there must be a few copies out-and-about?
  • tall0n1tall0n1 Posts: 4Member
    Yeah, I read DXOMark, but really want the J3 solely for an underwater camera. The $500 for the camera and $750 for the housing ($1,250 total) is cheaper than getting a housing for my D800.

    Last year I went to the Maldives for a two week dive trip, only to have my old housing break in transit. I was so bummed...
  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
    Check with Ewe Marine for a housing for the D800. Less than $500. Not as much functionality, but the end result from a D800 in the Ewe Marine housing and the J1 will be make the J1 appear like a toy.
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  • TriShooterTriShooter Posts: 219Member
    Msmoto, the J1, and the V1 are toys, as is the D800. They are all toys, but I get your point. Still only the brave like to put expensive camera equipment near salt water continuously because of corrosion. LOL. Maybe I am just getting old and turning into a timid soul !
  • PB_PMPB_PM Posts: 4,411Member
    @TriShooter Toys in the hands of some, valuable tools in the hands of others. ;)
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
  • adamzadamz Posts: 842Moderator
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    I'm not sure You can compare Ewe Marine (EM) with dedicated underwater housing (uwh) msmoto. I've played with the uwh for nikon 1 and it really looks like a well designed product for advanced/professional use. whereas, EM looks like a weekend trip toy.
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  • MsmotoMsmoto Posts: 5,396Moderator
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    For sure, the Ewe Marine is not an underwater housing. It can be used for keeping one's camera dry during a casual snorkeling or other minimal underwater event, but comparing it to a dedicated underwater hosing is like a bicycle vs. a car. It is good for what I used it for, protecting the D4 in the surf, but the control function is simply not there, IMO, and it may be far too buoyant for taking deep except with a lot weight added.

    The advantage is the cost. And, for me, using it for a week at the beach, this was perfect. And, it appears well constructed, but in no way can be considered as a true UWH.

    Just to clarify...
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