New Firmware for Df?

miatabmiatab Posts: 8Member
Is there any possibility that Nikon will update the firmware for the Df, especially in camera picture control and ad Clarity to the mix?


  • heartyfisherheartyfisher Posts: 3,186Member
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    Doubt it.. Nikon hardly ever adds features into their firmware... mostly only fixes...

    One of the reasons I advocate public domain access to the software of cameras.. Open source people will keep adding features... sigh.. oh well.
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  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,443Member
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    miatab very careful with in camera clarity. Anything + will wreck your JPEGS and - will soften the pics which may be ok for portraits advice ..avoid
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  • miatabmiatab Posts: 8Member
    Thank you, Pistnbroke, I'll follow your advice. Both you and Nikon are smarter than I am. Does that + warning apply to all in-camera picture controls, or just Clarity? I have Sharpening turned down, presently. I shoot only JPEG, incidentally.
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    If you shoot only JPEG then you need the sharp at + 9 .I have D810 /800 /7100 and have had them all; back to d40 all at +9 ..I shoot thousand of pics a week at weddings and no problems .. If you are using older sigmas the contrast +3 and a bit on the saturation helps..+9 all the way. ( and dont do any half harted 7 or 8 you need +9
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