D750 repairs

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I understand that Nikon have got so fed up with D750 problems that faulty cameras are being returned to japan and the owner made an offer ...Anyone sent one back with a fault since 1st Aug 17 or let us know if you do and what response you get. May vary with US or european returns .
Reminds me of Alpha Romeo when cars went for service the owner was told they could not have it back as it was so rusty it had to be scrapped .


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    In the US I heard they are 3-4 weeks backlog. Mine is affected and I didn't send it because I need it next weekend.
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    What, is there another recall? The three or four already were nit enough? I think my camera worked better before the last recall, should have left well enough alone. If it didn't cost $50 to ship it half way across the county, I would have demanded they make it better, but it's not worth the hassle and expense, before the cost of focus tuning etc.
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    I sent my D750 in and it took less than two weeks to get it back. Though the repair center is in the same city where I reside and my camera had no problem to begin with. It fit the latest recall serial numbers on the Nikon website and so I sent it in. I suspect backlogs would be dependent on your location.
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