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I have been traditionally used to monitor covers! Now, D 850 is with a touch screen and it needs some kind of protection like any smartphone touch screen protector!? Otherwise, like any car door handle, there is going to be lots of scratches on the touch screen by the finger nails and also due to spectacles!? Also, it is going to be smudged soon by nose grease, sweat and dust especially in a hot, dusty, humid tropical country like India!? I wish they seen come out with some protection sticker at least!


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    I have been using the touchscreen on the new Nikon D7500 and it is rugged, stays pretty clean and is the best I have seen on any camera to date. I have looked at almost every camera touch screen, from every czompetitor to be certain. My guess is the new D850 touchscreen is a complete home run! I have no cover at all on mine and my strong reaction is.....it would be a spoiler. Totally unneeded!!
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    Afunta makes a very excellent screen protector. I have it on my D750, and D500 which are 3.2" diagonal in size just like the D850. It does not affect the function of the touch screen.

    Trust me. Buy it. Read the Amazon answered questions and see my reply for more information about applying.

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    Very good topic and I am sure it will become discussed more in the coming months when D850s start trickling into users hands. Yes, you'd think there would be an option similar to what is currently used on smart phones. The real glass protector I use on my Iphone 7 plus has been wonderful. No matter how rugged they are on a Nikon, there will definitely get banged and scratched up pretty quickly. This has been one of the advantages Nikon has had over Canon bodies over the years I think.

    I'll take a look at the review for the Afunta that you passed on Betelgeuse. That and look into SQD cards for the body for a future purchase B)
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