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Premises: I am a newbie in photography, just figuring out terms like “aperture”, “shutter”, “DoF” and other stuff. I have purchased a J3 approximately two years ago for half the price and as a girl I wanted a white camera . I am learning this “stuff”, in English as is not my native language, taking picture like crazy and purchased some more Nikon 1 gear, mostly lenses.
Since Nikon 1 has a CX sensor aka. Crop factor of 2,7, I am having some difficulties understanding the crop factor of the Nikkor 1 lenses.

Question: if I have a Nikkor 1 VR 30-110mm, should I purchase the Nikkor 1 VR 10-100mm? If not, is the 1Nikkor VR 70-300mm necessary for landscape photography?

Thank you for a feedback


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    Buy the 10 and 18, which my son has on his Nikon 1 system, and you are done. They are good lenses.

    Careful with Nikon 1 though, that is a dead system. I doubt you will see any further upgrades from Nikon.
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    The 10-100 will not give you the same image quality as the others.
    The 70-300 is for (small) objects far away, so for landscape, you should probably do what @WestEndFoto suggests, or maybe get the 6,7-13mm.
    If your budget is very tight, then some 10-30mm lens or 11-27mm lens is the most inexpensive addition to your kit, but not quite as good as the other suggestions.
    Good luck.
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    Thank you for the feedback. I did find both, the 10mm and 18.5mm aswell as the 6.7-13mm. I wonder if I sould also get the 32mm
    Does somebody has a nikkor 1 32mm to sell?
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    I'm not particularly familiar with the Nikon 1 system, but the lenses you buy for it depends on how much flexibility you want. If you get multiple lenses, you can take shots from different viewpoints, wide, close up, etc.

    The 70-300 you have to be careful with, make sure it's the CX mount one if you're going to buy it. Nikon makes multiple versions of it. If you get the 10-100, you'll get the benefit of getting a wide viewpoint with the far end as well without needing to swap lenses. Depending on how much you like the wide end, you may decide that that's worth your money or not.

    But like others have also said, Nikon appears to have abandoned the system, so you should be careful with how you invest your money into lenses and cameras in the near future. Not to say that you can't have great results from the Nikon 1, just food for thought.

    I think the worst aspect is that if Nikon really is abandoning the 1 system, the full waterproof Nikon 1 would be dead as well, and that's quite a shame.
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