D850 availability, Jan 2018

Hello there. I placed an order for a D850 at B&H middle of Dec 17. I was thinking the availability issue would be close to fixed by now, but, I still am waiting. B&H says no prospects. I'm not seeing them available anywhere. What is the wait time currently?


  • BVSBVS Posts: 277Member
    The last post about availability was Jan 1st. At the time this was the status of the major retailers:

    Amazon: now shipping to pre-orders placed on December 18th
    Adorama: now shipping to pre-orders placed on December 26th
    B&H: now shipping to pre-orders placed on November 22th

    I'm sure it's progressed since then, but B&H has been behind everyone else in fulfilling orders for a long time now. If you want the camera in the near future you may be better off ordering from someone else.
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  • cincycosmocincycosmo Posts: 2Member
    Sounds like I need to work the system a bit then and get some prospects from other vendors. Thanks
  • tc88tc88 Posts: 211Member
    B&H is always the last and they won't tell where you stand on their list either. There is a huge thread on FM with people complaining about it. Next time, learn your lesson and cross off B&H if it's a pre-order.
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