D6 rumors?

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I did a seach for Nikon D6 in the forums but didn't find anything.

Anyone know if there is a D6 in the works? If so any idea when it might hit the market?


  • BVSBVS Posts: 297Member
    No rumors yet. Possibly not till next year since Nikon is focused on getting their mirrorless released right now.
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    It is in the works. It will hit the market just before the next summer Olympics.
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    Beginning of 2020 ... based on when D3, D4, D5 were released.
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    I will suggest that the two mirrorless cameras we see out this summer will be with DX sensors (or maybe one DX and one FX) and the D6 will be Nikon's first D series full frame mirrorless when it arrives. Of course, no one knows but Nikon has to release mirrorless bodies very soon to stop migration to Sony and Fuji whose mirrorless bodies keep getting better and better, closing the gap and offering some advantages a mirrored camera cannot offer. I found the Nikon 1 system quite good but stopped using it because the sensor was too small. DX has to be the minimum size sensor for me.
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    DX mirrorles is no good if it has the poxy 20 mp sensor
  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 2,444Member
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    ............ the D6 will be Nikon's first D series full frame mirrorless when it arrives............

    I find this unlikely. There are a few "reasons" to buy a Dx (4,5etc) camera. One is that it has the best possible auto-focus money can buy. And this is the biggest weakness about mirrorless that it may never be able to surmount. The latest Sony has done very well with auto-focus, but if you look closely, focus is often a little off - not a big deal at f/4.0 and maybe even f/2.8, but a real issue at f/1.4. With the D5 (and D850) you either nail focus or obviously miss it.

    I could, however, imagine a mirrorless D850 and further, I could imagine buying one to complement my D850 - especially if the ergonomics were, like the D5 and D500, similar enough. What is it that would attract me? The ability to focus anywhere in the frame. Now at f/4.0 or higher, I can back focus anywhere in the frame and recompose without much trouble. But forget that if you are shooting at 1.4.

    But if you ask me to make a prediction, I predict that the D650 (perhaps named something else) will be mirrorless in FX (using the f-mount) and that DX, using a new mount, will be something like a D5600 (and there will be both).

    But as I said, it is a prediction which I have no basis for other than "if I was Nikon that is what I would do".
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    @Pistnbroke: What do you have against the 20Mp sensor?
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