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I am puzzled about one thing and hopefully someone can help me understand this. Nikon's flagship D5 has a 20 MP sensor and the D850 has about a 45 MP sensor. Wouldn't it make sense that the flagship should have this? My understanding is that since the flagship is for professionals and if they only need that, then the rest of us mere mortals can do just fine with a 20MP sensor as well? I understand a lot has to do with print size or what you intend to do with the pictures, but don't professionals benefit from the bigger sensor as well?


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    The D5 is for pro sports and photojournalists, neither of which require high resolution, since most of their images will end up on news websites and newsprint at low resolutions 1MP at most, anyway. Clean high ISO images, shooting speed, and short blackout times, are far more important for those applications, thus the lower resolution sensor. The D5 and D850 both have the same size sensor, just different pixel counts.

    The D850 is also a professional camera as well, just aimed at different users, mostly landscape shooters, wedding photographers etc.
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    Thank you for the reply.
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    Hey you guys, my D810 (36MP) does just great with sports stuff and the added pixels give you so much leeway for cropping in close - I'm looking to a D850 soon to continue my golf photography and hopefully will give me slightly better high ISO results for when the light is not o great. That said, I'd love a D5 just can't justify the cost as an amateur who doesn't get paid for his shots!!!!
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    @GPDen: You will notice the AF on the D850 leaves the D810 for dead however, I would not buy a D850 to use at hi ISO, I would buy the D750.
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