Canon announcement, does Nikon still exist?



  • axlroseaxlrose Posts: 36Member
    Can I just ask something? Z6 has a lot of adapters... for Sony lenses, for other lenses... adapter over adapter. How come there is no posibility for working Canon lenses adapter?
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,881Member
    It's possible, I would think. Just nobody has done it yet.

    From what I have seen all of the adapters out there (except for the Techart) are just "dumb" mechanical adapters. Which work fine on manual lenses. But since Canon lenses all have electronic apertures you need some electrical functionality to at least control the F stop. And that's a lot harder. There are mechanical EF to Z adapters but they aren't of much use because of this.
  • axlroseaxlrose Posts: 36Member
    28-70 f2 is sooo tempted lens.... hopfully Nikon could do something too
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