Z6&70-200 f2.8 or Z50&50-250

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I have a z7 and the 24-70 f4 and I love the combination. But, what about reach? I have been waiting for the 70-200 f2.8 with the though of paring it with a z6. Now comes the Z50 and the 50-250. Which way do I go? Suggestions and comments will be appreciated.
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    I think it depends on what you want to do. Z6 + 70-200 will be a little more than 3 stops better in low light situations than the Z50 and 50-250.

    For reach you could always just use your Z7 in crop mode. It will be pretty similar to the Z50 + 50-250. There isn’t all that much difference between 200 and 250, really.
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    Buy the 70-200 2.8S and use it on your Z7. Your reach is more likely determined by the sharpness of your lens and you want the sharpest possible sensor for that. The 70-200 2.8S will be light years ahead of a budget crop sensor lens for resolution.

    I just saved you having to buy a new camera RMP.
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    The 70-200 2.8 will be a 140-300 in DX crop mode and still f/2.8.
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    retread said:

    The 70-200 2.8 will be a 140-300 in DX crop mode and still f/2.8.

    Not to stir up a can of worms but really its more functionally equivalent to an F4. At least when compared with FF performance.
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    Hard to say, when DX Z mount cameras are still but a rumor right now.
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    Thanks all. I will stay with the 70-200 f 2.8. And maybe the z6 because I do not like to change lenses in the field.
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    A 200mm lens will always be a 200mm and the ( bird) image it puts on the sensor will be the same size however big or small the sensor is . Its just how many pixels can the sensor put on that image that counts.Forget all this 1.5x rubbish and if you got FX it makes it easier to find your target. (wider field of view)
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    If you have a Z7 then it'll give you the same 'reach' as the Z50 (assuming the same lens). Maybe it's better to put the 70-200 on the Z7?

    In any case, the 70-200 should provide much better image quality than the 50-250, although it's bigger, heavier, and much more expensive.
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    @Pistnbroke In DX mode there is no need to crop in post and I always make my composition in camera with backbutton focus and eyefocus now. Sometimes DX mode gives the fastest workflow for me (I always crop).

    For BIF, it is true that FX mode is easier of course, but a 3000 x 2000 px photo is enough for me, because A3+ is the maximum size for 97% of my photo's, when I want a print. A small extra DX mode use the best part of the lens and I have this mode on my camera, so why not use it.

    Don't forget to set it back, the same as ISO, but I always use my checklist when I put my camera away at the end of the day, just a habbit.
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    If you are in FX and your bird is in the centre you are using the "best part of the lens"?? Even if I use DX my birds are so far away I still need to crop...Its horses for courses and whatever floats your boat .
    But on the subject of the post all the Z50 pics I have seen it does not have a viewfinder though some text says it does (optional ?) .So its far too soon to say anything about the Z50
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    "too soon to say anything about the Z50" or the new Z mount DX lense. It likely will be an entirely different body just as the D7500 is an entirely different body than the D750. The main advantage of the Z50 may be much more than just the ability to use the new DX lenses. For example, the advantage using a Z50 may be size, weight and small kit lens. As far as we know there won't be a new mount for DX mirrorless lenses so any DX lens with a Z mount can be used on a D6 or D7 for birds when you are going to crop anyway. We just don't know enough yet to be able to discuss the relative advantages or disadvantages. Hopefully, the Z50 will have many advantages.
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