What should the D6 have had?

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I don't see a thread here on the D6.

Was one deleted? I haven't been on here in ages.

What should the camera have had and what could it possibly fix with firmware?

I'm pretty happy with the specs I see although I wish it had 20fps in Liveview and a 24-26mpx sensor. Comparing it to the 1Dx mk3 everybody is raving about and there are only a few things the 1Dx mk3 has that the D6 doesn't (20fps liveview, 16fps shutter, 5.5k raw, and 120fps HD.)

I still plan to purchase one by the end of this year. The workflow is the weakest spot of any pro gear setup and it sounds like they addressed a lot of it.

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    I think it should have had PDAF and mirrorless like live view performance similar to the D780. Nikon claims they surveyed the market and D5 users said they didn't really need it.
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    "After testing it out, Matthias told us: “This is a huge step forward. I don’t know how they did it, and I’m impressed. Out there in the field, it’s really working. I was shooting half a dozen different sports, and whatever I shot, the autofocus showed a massive improvement. And in Group Area AF there’s a wider range of groups you can select, so you can customise them much better. Plus there’s another big step forward in 3D tracking, together with face recognition.”

    "When asked about the most noticeable improvements in the D6, for Matthias there was one clear winner: “It’s the image quality of the JPEGs straight out of the camera. There’s a new image processing engine, even though it’s the same sensor. Especially in the JPEGs there is another step forward around noise reduction, sharpness, brilliance of the frames, and quality. That is an impressive one. So just picking up the camera, shooting something with it and getting a JPEG on your laptop with exceptional image quality is impressive.”

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    Strange donaldejose that you did not comment on the review. I note it comes from nikoneurope so its a promotional review. I hope its all true . I did see one sensible comment that the D series gets a full revamp every 8 years not 4 so maybe its a D5s.
    If the processor is giving improved JPEGs then that bodes well for the Z8
    Not a camera for me so I personally will never know ...ignorance is bliss as they say.
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    Yes, it is a promo review from Nikon Europe. The point of the review, and maybe the point of the D6 when third party reviews are out, is that improvements in AF and jpeg and transfer speed out of camera add up to a significant improvement for the working sports or photojournalist who needs to shoot jpeg and send images to the boss asap. Maybe, maybe not. Same sensor, same ISO range, etc so lots of sameness on the spec sheet making for the possibility that it is not much of an improvement over the D5 for "regular" shooting. Unless you really need what these improvements do offer you may be better off with a used D5 at about half the price. I know I don't need these improvements so I would be better off with a used D5. But I won't buy that either. I would rather spend my money buying into the future which is the Nikon mirrorless system.
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    I have a D6 on NPS priority order. I will see one at the Nikon booth at the NAB Show next month. Already have a buyer lined up for my D4.
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    DenverShooter: Give us a review when you receive your D6. Apparently it uses the same sensor as the D5 so the question will be: Why not just get a used D5 for less money? The answer has to be in other advances the D6 provides.
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    I had a review come up on my phone the other day which I glanced and the guy was saying it should have been called a D5s because it was such a small incremental change. He focused on it being lighter and didn't say much about AFor processing.

    I stopped reading when I learned he had nothing positive to say and was a Canon user.
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    Yeah my whining about the lack of OSPDAF notwithstanding I think those complaints are off base. Look at the history of the D# line and its clear this update is well in line with the rest. Introducing a new AF module is a pretty big deal.
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    As much as I could armchair quarterback the D6, I'll never need one. The most expensive camera I foresee myself ever getting would be the D500 or D850, and even then that's overkill.

    If anything, maybe in body image stabilization?
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    24Mp would have suited me.
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    It seems to me that it should have used a newer sensor. Using the same sensor as the D5 from 4 years ago is a bummer. Perhaps there will be a D6s in two years with a different sensor like there was with the D3 and the D3s.
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    The NAB Show was canceled so I won't be seeing one there and Nikon is now looking at May for delivery. My dealer has more than 4 dozen on order..
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    48+ D6s? Wow. What percentage are presales?
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