My SB-700 flash not working with D500

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So I am having some trouble with my D500 and SB-700 flash. It flashes in TTL mode but very low. But when I put it in manual, the flash doesn't fire. I tried the flash on rented D850, and it fired in manual mode no problem. The pair has worked before, but now not sure why it is not firing. I have done a firmware upgrade and a factory reset with no joy. Also I have 4 SB700s, all show the same behavior.

Now if I use my SU-800 Commander, it works like 90% of the time at triggering the other flashes.

Has anyone else ran into this?
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    Well nobody answered so .... You need to check the flash settings in the menu..I am sure you have but check again.. and being stupid do you have the flash power setting in the camera turned down...the button to the right of the release ? The two button re set does not re set everything so dont rely on it . What you have is called finger troble
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    In the bracketing/flash settings, everything is default:

    Flash sync speed = 1/250
    Flash shutter speed = 1/60
    Exposure comp for flash = Entire frame
    Auto ISO sensitivity control = subject and background
    modeling flash = on
    auto bracketing (mode m) = flash/speed
    Bracketing order = MTR > under -> over

    Where is the flash power setting? The power I usually set on the SB-700.

    It is almost like the flash can communicate with the camera no problem. The camera sees the flash is connected as the flash lighting bolt shows in the view finder and LCD screen on the top. When TTL is activated on the flash, it does the pre-flash but doesn't fire the main flash. So when it comes time to fire the main flash, it just doesn't do it.
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    Standing behind the camera on the LHS of the mount is a small button with a flash symbol on it ....Press info and then hold the flash symbol....the dials enable you to go to -3stops with the flash that the problem?
    As a general comment change your flash sync 1/250 to FP 1/250 ( flash programme)
    This can get you out of all sorts of sh1t if you leave the flash on by mistake outside in the sun. It stops it locking the camera at 1/60 and over exposing everything.
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    Flash comp is 0...sync changed to auto. Still nothing. Could the circuit that fires the flash be bad? That will suck. Then I have three choices: get it fixed and be without a camera for awhile, buy and new d500, or buy into the z-mount.
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    I dont know what country you are in but if in UK get one from MPB or camera jungle and send it back after 2 weeks. You can test and get a two week overlap to your repair.
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    I thought about renting it to cover the time I didn’t have it. The repair estimate on Nikon’s site and rental fee is close to $ was thinking about just buying a new one. Or I could rent a Z7ii and give it a go. ;)
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    dont throw money away just buy second hand and return. That $ sign tells me you are in the US .
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