One giant leap for battery kind ..Not.

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Viewing youtube I spotted some 1.5v Lithium Iron AA batteries . Now you and I know that lithium-ion is 3.7v.
What they have done in the giant leap is put a lithium-ion battery and a voltage regulator in an AA case.
Great 1.5v not 1.2 from my rechargeable metal hydride.
Big failure . they would not operate my Yongnuo 656 at all and the recycle time on the 465 was reduced 50% despite the increased voltage.SB 400 was OK. I deduce they are current limited and its not enough for the 565.
So big failure sent them back I can get Japanese made entelopes from ikea branded ladda for $5 for 4 (£5.50 for 4)
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    I always used the expensive Enelope batteries, changed them to the IKEA Ladda 2450 batteries about a year ago. They are made in the same factory as the Enelopes.

    I use them more then a year now, in everything.

    What I forgot was that I put some Ladda batteries in an old reserve flash, I never used, about a year ago. Checked it today and the battery power was down to 85%, the same as my Enelope batteries always did.

    You are right, the IKEA Ladda's are perfect and cheep, no need for Enelopes.
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    Used to get Amazon basics AA and AAA battery, since they were old gen Eneloops that were rebrand, then they moved production to a Chinese company, quality went down. Now I would only buy Eneloops.
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