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    Actually, it has better video. But the Z50 can probably get that with a firmware update.

    The Zfc will also get you more dates. Nothing like a black camera and lens to signal “GEEK!”
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    PB_PM said:

    NSXTypeR said:

    PB_PM said:

    Apparently this little camera is now listed as one of the best selling cameras in August. Turns out Nikon does know what they are doing after all. I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong on this.

    I'm glad that it's doing well, but what does the ZFc do better than the Z50? I mean it is a cute looking camera, but I don't see any real features that the Z50 doesn't really have, maybe other than the USB-C charging. It also loses the flash.
    You're not wrong, it's just a refreshed Z50 with a slightly higher price and retro look. Apparently that's what people want?
    I'm not familiar with the Z Fc and the Df, can the duplicate mechanical dials cause confusion or conflicts during actual operation? I can see that being a potential issue. To be fair I've never operated either camera. Weather sealing may also be compromised too.
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    Shouldn't be any different in terms of weather resistance, they are no different than the model dials that DX cameras have had for years. The manual shutter dial can be set to "1/3 stop" for modern camera control like the Z50. ISO can be set in camera to auto, strange they didn't just put that on the dial.The Zfc also has the better vary angle LCD, vs the tilt, but that's a matter of choice. IMO the Zfc is a better buy overall, but the Z50 is likely more comfortable.
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    Owning them all, I would rate the Z50 easier to use than the Z fc.

    I went on a Mountain Climb but started at a Heart Lake in early dawn with very good fall color and mist. The Z 6 II was easier to use under that circumstance. My conclusion of that whole difficult mountain climb was....a DJI Mavik could have beaten any ground camera for the big scene.

    There are some great cameras out there and Nikon is doing very well providing very remarkable and affordable cameras. But the one I should add quickly is a quadcopter. My family owns LOTS of them, But not having a screen to view the camera scene while the air on as that needs WiFi probably says I will inherit the quadcopter from our family fleet and buy a mini iPad that has wifi.

    I also conclude Nikon needs some Z reasonably priced telephoto zooms ASAP!
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    Has any NR regular bought the Z fc half leather case? The one I ordered was thru Amazon it is designed by Allen Wang but is getting shipped out of China?? Talk about the slow boat from China. I am supposed to get it by January 15! SmartRig sells one that is available a LOT quicker. I thought the Allen Wang design was quite a bit better.
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    That half leather case is a brown cowhide from Columbia.
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    I doubt anyone here got a Zfc, let alone a case.
    If I take a good photo it's not my camera's fault.
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    I got an Zfc. Now I can retire my Coolpix A.
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    Posting these for DaveyJ from my flickr account: He can add the text in another post.

    "I am using several Z Cameras. The Z 6 II I am using now with the new S 100-400 Z lens. The images I am sending though were taken with Z 50 and 50-250 and the Z fc photo taken with the D7200 and the 16-80 lens.

    I had good luck buying the new 100-400 Z lens, but still have not been able to even order the Z 9!

    Best Wishes to you and yours in 2022."


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    One of about four Red Fox from my home in the Mountains. And a photo of my Nikon Z fc which I added the TP Original Columbian rufous cowhide half case, protective and attractive. I then added a Small Rig strap. I had to replace the Small Rig split ring which is really defective with Orvis Mirage 39 pound Flourocarbon leader which I trust as it has held some huge fish.

    The Z fc camera is on our Tree Farm birds eye Maple topped jewelry box which is laying on snow. The photo of the camera and box was taken with the D7200 and the 16-80 Nikkor lens. The Red Fox photo was taken with my Z50 and the 50-250 lens on 50mm so the fox is close to me.
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    The camera Nikon NEEDS to get out is a DX Z camera version of the Nikon D 500. That camera is still one of the best wildlife cameras ever made. And there needs to be Zoom super telephoto lens for it. Especially the 200-600. I already own the Z S 100-400 lens and it is amazing and was an OK price $2,700).

    But the DX Z version of the D 500 is the sought after camera in my circles of users! The Nikon Z fc I own is very, very good and certainly is handsome. Still the Z 50 to me is a more useable camera in many ways. My Z 50 now has the 50-250 on it permanently. The above Red Fox picture was taken with that (on 50mm) The Z fc is a very popular camera and has lured NEW entrants to Nikon. But a DX version of the D 500 is a whole different NEED for Nikon. THERE are pros that ONLY own D 500 cameras and they scrapped their Canons to make that shift.
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