ZF your thoughts.

PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,434Member
24 MP .....No No No....Super mode by pixel shift . Can you do it hand held? Moving subjects? If not its not for me.
SD and Micro SD thats ok as I only take one card out to transfer on my two slot cameras.
EN EL 15 thats good.


  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,869Member
    I’m surprised it’s only 24 mp. But it’s also cheaper than I expected assuming the rumors are correct
  • Ton14Ton14 Posts: 695Member
    Today I saw the magic word: IBIS !!!


    - Pixel shift
    - USB C PD, I have a 65W PD battery.
    - Improved autofocus compared to the Z5/Z6II, always handy.
    - Price body only $1,999
    - Simular (but improved) design/layout from the Nikon Zfc, wait and see.
    - B&W mode (is handy, I use it a lot)

    24mp is fine for me, more mp was only useful for me in crop, if I very occasionally need a larger size I use Upscale from Luminar, or enlarge in Capture One when export after editing, works fine.
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  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,515Member
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    Leaked images look nice and retro and it seems the tilt out LCD tilts to the side as many people claim they all should do. However, as I look at all those sharp angles and the small side grip (really just a retro bump) I worry that it just would not feel as good in my hands as current Nikon ergonomics feel. I love a deep hand grip with plenty of space for my fingers. The very shallow hand "bump" (not deep enough to be a grip to me) would make me feel insecure. "Back in the day" most of us used neck straps. I don't anymore because the deep hand grip gives me enough security. I think the Z6III expected out next year will be a better fit for me with something like a new 33 mega pixel sensor. Or the Z7III with a new 60+ mega pixel sensor. But more power to Nikon if they can produce variations which sell well. I don't know about the speed of micro SD cards. Are they fast enough? I think they are cheap because of cell phones. If they are fast enough and cheap and can be obtained in terabyte sizes then one can be inserted and used as an internal memory. I see Matt Granger says they are not fast enough and will slow you down. My guess is that will only happen if you are shooing video or long bursts of stills. It should be set up that the camera can be set to back up to the micro SD card when the processor is not busy. There should be plenty of "down" time to copy from the main card to the micro SD card when not actually shooting.
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  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,270Member
    So any idea when this is coming out? Seems like there's no official announcement yet.
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  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,434Member
    Whatever it will be too expensive for me
  • NSXTypeRNSXTypeR Posts: 2,270Member
    I'm crazy for saying this, but I kind of like it! I might get one if they come out with a silver body one.
    Nikon D7000/ Nikon D40/ Nikon FM2/ 18-135 AF-S/ 35mm 1.8 AF-S/ 105mm Macro AF-S/ 50mm 1.2 AI-S
  • mhedgesmhedges Posts: 2,869Member
    Looks good and price isn't bad. I'm very curious how the AF is.
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,515Member
    No spending money on the ZF. It will be a Z6iii for me.
  • PistnbrokePistnbroke Posts: 2,434Member
    Unless you can set it in auto ISO F8 its no good to me .. Too many dials to tape up ..what a mess . Then I got lenses to buy...NO NO NO
    Anyway if I buy one the wife will want one
  • WestEndFotoWestEndFoto Posts: 3,680Member
    This camera looks like it could be fun. Is it going to be efficient to shoot like my Z8 and Z9? No. But it would encourage a different kind of photography. Might be a good choice for my AIS and D lenses.
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