Wireless remote control - need one with a decent range

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I have a Phottix wireless remote control which has worked well for me. But it has quite a restricted range - maybe 6 meters (20 feet).

Any suggestions for a remote with a longer range that could work with a D800E? I could use the Nikon wireless thingy and my laptop, but I'd prefer something smaller that I can carry in my camera bag.

Here is my failure:



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    haha trying to get the squirrels ? are they squirrels ? i cant see ....

    i was reading up on this subject recently. i bought the yongnuo mc36, i dont know what the range is like unfortunately i havent tested it, but otherwise it seems good. the plastic is cheap, i broke the battery cover straight away, but it doenst affect the functionality, which seems to be ok for long exposures and timers and things. i bought it because it was a nice price.

    if we suppose that what i read was correct, AND i am remembering what i read correctly. the most reliable method, with the best range, is to buy 2 pocketwizards, and a cable from a third part that allows the pocket wizard to work as a remote trigger. this is of course an expensive option

    **edit ** sorry, i think PW themselves also sell a cable for remote trigger
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    Not sure what your budget but check out the CamRanger discussion on this forum
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    i use a hahnel combi which works well as both a wireless remote but also a flash trigger both at up to 100m away (i have tested but never needed to be that far away :)) )
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    I wish you hadn't asked that! I found one (at least an ad for one) about 3 months ago, spent a few hours reading a dozen or so reviews, and decided it was what I would try; so I carefully wrote it all down in one of my numerous "note books", and now I'm ready to order it; except I can't find the ****** note book, and I'm not sure what the name of it was; ( just that I liked it better than the other dozen or so I had looked at ); now I'm waiting til I run across the ad again.........
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    I picked this one up a couple of months ago....excellent range and so far it's working great!

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    Yup, that is the one I use
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    Hey dormant, 6 meters seems really short. I wonder why that is?

    Most of the (non-PocketWizard) triggers operate at the 2.4 GHz band these days. Some potential problems:

    1. Frequency congestion. If there are a lot of other 2.4 GHz devices nearby (wi-fi hotspots, car alarms, cordless phones, bluetooth devices, etc.) then maybe the airwaves are just too congested for the trigger to operate.

    2. Interference. Another possibility is interference from nearby sources like any power-lines, microwave ,etc.

    3. Low power. If the transmitter or receiver battery is weak then the operating range might get reduced.

    4. Defect. E.g., loose antenna connection in the transmitter or receiver.

    I mention all this because if the problem is #1 or #2 above, then you might end up with the same issue even if you shell out $$$ on another brand of triggers which operate in the same congested 2.4 GHz range.

    Have you tried the trigger elsewhere? (more remote area of the park?) If you're in the middle of nowhere and still only get 6 meter range then that eliminates #1 and #2.

    #3 can be checked by putting in fresh batteries per manufacturers specs.

    If all checks out and you still get 6m range maybe it's a defect and perhaps you can get the units fixed under warranty.

    PocketWizards operate at a different (lower) frequency band which is much less susceptible to congestion & interference. Also all else being equal, a low-frequency device will have a greater range than a high-frequency device (inverse relationship).
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    ZGR-2, 30m is no problem, max is 50~60m
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    Phottix claims 60m for their wireless remotes. What model are you using?
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    I'm sort of hijacking the thread, but has any tried this remote trigger?

    I'm not looking for a crazy amount of range, I just need one so that I don't touch the camera.


    Looks cheap, and a couple bucks cheaper than the Nikon one. I don't foresee it screwing up the camera, as it's just infrared.
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    Only trouble with them is I find them unreliable in bright light and you have to fairly directly shoot one of the sensors on the body. If I am using my camera at arms length on a monopod high up or similar, they are not good (I use a wired connection in that case). Can't help on a wireless as I can't get enthusiastic about the WU-1a. I guess that's because of my mates Canon which allows such a great degree of control from a smartphone. Nikon's closed attitude to that kind of thing really gets me.
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    I have been very happy with the range of my RFN-4s. Just not sure which of your bodies you are looking to mount it on.
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    Thanks Ali for the reference to the RFN-4s. I had written that down many months ago and lost the paper. Going to toss this one out there for a BDay present which is next month.
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    FYI, the RFN-4s also works in bulb mode; which is great for those long night exposures.
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