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As some of You know, some time ago Google took over Nik Software. Today They decided to drop the price on all Nik Software plugins to $149 (for ALL of them). Those of You (including myself) who bought the Nik Software within the last 5 years are eligible for free upgrade to the latest verision that will work in all Aperture, PS, LR.


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    Thanks. Maybe I give it a go, I always liked SilverEfex.
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    If I'm going to do extensive or creative editing I use Nik. Very pleasing results and easy to use.
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    I read this as well but I could not find any information about the 5 year period on the Nik Homepage. I bought SilverEfex about two years ago. I read that a lot of people (manly from the US) received emails from Nik/Google with a download link.

    @Adamz: did you receive such an email or did you find any further information on how to actually get the upgrade to the full suite?
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    I've also heard that if you previously purchased only a single NIK plug-in you are eligible to receive all of the plug-ins with no additional purchase required.

    I love Viveza, Color EFX Pro and Dfine 2.0.
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  • adamzadamz Posts: 842Moderator
    @corelli - I got the update information from NikSoftware g+ circle:
    and I'm waiting for the email from Nik, as I already downloaded the new version on my prime box and using the 15day trial.
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    @adamz - make sure you check your spam, Postini lists the email from NIK as spam from what I've heard.
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    Seems like a killer deal. Are the plug-ins other than Silver Efex anywhere near as good?
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    If you put in the code DZISER you get another rebate of around 26$
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    This is very interesting. I got a copy of Nik Software Color Effects Pro 4 when I purchased 2 months ago a new Wacom Intuos5. I did register it and yesterday I got an email to download the full collection for free. As stated earlier, it was on Spam so keep an eye on that.

    This is one of those happy days.
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    guys, can You please tell me what was in the topic, I'm generally deleting all spam, though haven't deleted the trash yet so there's hope I have it on my box.
  • kampakampa Posts: 8Member
    The subject of the email is: "The Nik Collection by Google".
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    I also saw they dropped Snapseed desktop - ;( I really liked that program for the usual FB posts.
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    What's the downside of the free offer, if any? I've been using Viveza for quite a while and so I received the email with the free offer yesterday. However, being suspicious of anything that's Google-related, I've held off on downloading the Nik suite until I am convinced Google's got no sinister motive behind this offer.
  • paulrpaulr Posts: 1,176Member
    Thanks Google/ Nik and Adamz
    I got the E-mail tonight and download the Nik Complete System works perfect on Photoshop LR an Aperture
    Nice to get some Good news for once.

    Does this mean that Nikon /Google are bringing out some New Software
    Well, that's OK with me.
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    Is it possible to use the nik suite standalone? I dont have aperture or any other adobe software.
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    You used to be able to buy the apps standalone, not sure if you can now.
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    Is it possible to use the nik suite standalone? I dont have aperture or any other adobe software.
    I would recommend downloading the 15 day trial to make sure.

    I am able to right click on a file and open it in any of the programs on my mac. So, I would think you can use these standalone.
  • adamzadamz Posts: 842Moderator
    right now You can only buy the whole pack.
    @babaganoush - now downsides
  • obajobaobajoba Posts: 206Member
    right now You can only buy the whole pack.
    @babaganoush - now downsides
    I read somewhere that they simplified licensing and made it one license for all plug-ins going forward. Does that mean no more onesie, twosie on the plug-ins? Maybe. But now you get all of them for $150. As previously mentioned, < $300 ($215 if you're resourceful) for NIK + LightRoom is not a bad deal at all...

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    @JJ_SO thanks for the code, I couldn't resist anymore and got the plugins. Thanks!
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    @obajoba Thanks for the hint on checking the spam folder!!!

    The complete subject line was "Your upgrade to the new Nik Collection by Google"
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    @roombarobot You're welcome. I purchased the tools as well, although I have to be careful using them since I need to move the photo partition to a bigger drive soon - running out of space. And I never liked their behavior in developing fat TIF first instead of trying to come into the non-destructive rail LR and AA are usually treating the RAWs. But I guess, it's not so easy to stay updated with the editing structures of these two different converters. LR did some changes for better highlight recovering, I read.
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    Whoa. There it was in my spam folder. This is an awesome deal. I got Dfin 2 a couple years ago in lieu of getting a better camera. Now I can play with all the others. Awesome.
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  • JJ_SOJJ_SO Posts: 1,158Member
    I had the bill from Nik / Google in my Spam folder at GMail. That's kind of amusing, to see Google "killing" it's own mails ;)) But the reason was that many users marked these bills as phishing attempt.
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    If you put in the code DZISER you get another rebate of around 26$
    @JJ_SO - Thank you for the coupon code. Saved me $22.35!

    Occasionally a decent image ...
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