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A video on Nikon's website about the advantages of the fluorine coating on some of the new Nikkors....
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    Looks really good. However, it seems useless if you normally place a NC filter over the lens. Perhaps Nikon will add fluorine coating to their NC filters.
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    If the fluorine coating is on the rear element, this would make dust less likely to adhere...possibly. On the big guns....300mm f/2.8, and up, there is no filter for the front element. Thus, the fluorine coating is quite useful.
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    I'm all for putting this wonderful technology on every Nikkor that is made now. It is so much easier to clean the front elements now with one or maybe two swirls and your good to go. Now it just smudges the mess into the glass more, similar to a UV filter unless its a Kenko. I am even more excited by the possibilities of lenses becoming lighter with the new PF glass or Fresnel elements. We should fire up a fireside chat on this :) This excites me far more as I have always hated the weight of Nikon gear....
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