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I recently purchased a new Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC off of eBay from a 3rd party seller, T-Dimension (I'd love to hear about people's experiences with them) that included a 5 year warranty. Based on people's positive experiences with the company and the services they offered, I decided to give them a shot. I just received the lens today and it's awesome, my expectations were exceeded! However, after further examination, I found what I believe is the lens filter thread, or perhaps the base of it, is not completely adhered to the front optical element. If I apply pressure to it, it bends down to touch the glass. Here's a picture of the affected area in case I'm not being clear enough:
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.57.31 AM
While I'm confident in the warranty, since the optical quality of the lens isn't affected, should I be worried about this issue or am I just paranoid? What would you guys do in this situation?


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    Keep calm and carry on. ;-) It isn't the filter thread, it is just a trim piece. I don't think you'll ever get the build quality out of a Tamron that you do out of a Nikon, that's all part of the decision making process on cost vs quality but in this case as it doesn't affect anything (if it is a fault at all), I wouldn't take advantage of the warranty. I don't know for sure, but I hear these grey import 'warranties' are often more trouble than they're worth.
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    If it works, use it. Unless there is some sort of migration of the trim ring in or out, or if the front element is loose, I would not be concerned. It may not touch by design.
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    Okay, I guess I'm just overreacting. I'm going to slap on a UV filter anyway so that should resolve any issue of looseness
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    Google Tamron 24-70 and look at pictures of the lens. They all look like that...must be design that it isn't flush with the glass. Unless you can tell the front element or something is actually loose then I wouldn't worry. If it shoots fine I wouldn't worry. Plus if it does actually have a 5 year warranty I wouldn't worry much.
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    This video explains how you fix it, it's super easy:
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    You dont say what country you are in but if in UK Tamron have to give you a 12 month warrantee by law.
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    Can anyone get the video to work?
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    Can anyone get the video to work?
    the one 3 posts up ? it works for me ...

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    the one from the user Hello 123 works for me...

    now the only problem i could see with that little gap, is that it will get dust.. but i think it is sealed from inside.. so no worries...
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    OK, now I can see it...must have been my connection.
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