Just got back from Phuket. Here's my HD video...

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I just got back from a week of sailing with the Nikon D800 in Phuket, and was lucky enough to visit the Phi Phi islands!
I made a HD video of the trip, including some cool sea caves. Check it out, let me know what you think!

Phuket: Jewel of the Andaman



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    Some very outstanding work. I always say I'll never shoot video with my D800 due to the amount of effort involved but when I see something like this I'm always tempted. What did you edit this in?
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    Good job editing and shooting.. and syncing with the music!

    However, I think the video may need some work on the colours.. I don't do vids so I really no nothing :-) but I think the term is colour grading? I think it needs more contrast in some scenes and details may need to be brought back in the highlights or shadows in some other scenes... some scenes are spot on though and very lovely!

    I am curious how you did the aerial fly over scenes.
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    It is just not fair.

    You come back from Phuket and the only jokes I can think of would get me booted off this forum.
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    Nice work. looks like that was mix of video capture and time-lapse. I went to Phuket on a working vacation a couple of years ago and was surprised to see a poster in one of the tailor shop's window featuring a model wearing a gown. It caught my eye and took me a second to realize that it was one of my own shots. A bit shocking to see my work on the other side of the globe. Looks like you had a more serene passing to PhiPhi than I did.
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    Parts of that would make a great tourism advert I think.
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    Hey, I really enjoyed that video!

    It's really pretty over there.
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    Looks great you did a wonderful job here I think :)
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