Your best of 2015

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As I have done in the past...your best shot for whatever reason for 2015. Use the same rules at the PAD thread. Explain if you want or not.

Slow photography year for me since work has gotten busier and our second kid was born in April.

I will go with this one even though I am not too excited about any this year. This was taken at 5:40 in the morning when my son wouldn't sleep and we were staying at a state park lodge. I took him driving and he eventually fell asleep. I got out and snapped a few shots of the night sky. I liked the way this one turned out.

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    Erm, probably this one:
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    My best of 2015? Hard to pick, but going on feedback it will have to be:

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    Not sure if I'd call this the best, but it is a favourite of mine. 2015 was a slow year, no major traveling and generally not much free time for shooting.
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    Nice shots so far. Little slow this year.
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    Supposedly this is my best, according to views and faves on Flickr.

    New Yawk Pt 2

    This was a different year for me, I ended up with 2 new cameras, a Sony RX100 MkI and a LG Nexus 5x... and I used it more than my D7000 unfortunately. It's mostly because it's big and not as convenient as the other two devices for me.
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    Was fairly happy with this one. Slow year here too. Much more to learn about how to get better ...

    Supermoon 27_09_2015 composite
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    I always hesitate with the term "best" of anything because I really never have any absolutes when it comes to subjective judgment. However, this was one of my more satisfying shots resulting from a failed attempt to capture Comet Ison with a big lens. I wasn't able to get a decent shot of the comet with my 400 mm f/2.8 E lens but I did capture this image with a 15mm. A very cold, crisp January night provided clear air for a decent shot.
    Starry Night
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    Hmm.....this is so subjective. It depends who you are talking to.

    If you are talking to me, it is this one, which I uploaded to:

    The Steam Clock

    This shot was the result of a sleepless night for which I resolved by getting up at 2am to shoot.

    According to Flickr, it is this one:

    Solitude, Vancouver, 2015

    Which was also put in this gallery by Flickr's gallery "Canada: top geotagged photos in 2015":
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    Based on Flickr, I would say the was also put in Flickr's gallery "Nigeria: top geotagged photos in 2015"
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    Trip to Italy / Garda
    Carè Alto

    Love nature in general , so when Care Alto mountain came into view it struck me, :) Alps :)
    I dont know if it is my favorit but I can smell that day when I look at this photo.
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    More great shots. Love seeing each person's favorite shots. Never much alike,but interesting and good in their own respects.
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    I am quite happy with this one, from northern Norway:
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    I kinda liked my Supermoon attempt...just before the Lunar eclipse was completely obliterated by cloud cover....

    Sunset & Supermoon 2015-10
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    There are a few that I really like and happy that I was behind the camera for ... but this one was a favorite on Flickr and a favorite of mine.
    This is Raluca (Luca), a friend and work associate of mine. I photographed her for the first time back in October 2013 and this is our second outing. She's a hobby photographer as well. Native of Romania. Perhaps I'll post up a couple more from the shoot in 2016 ;)

    Three Balloons
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    Since I started doing more portraits in 2015 than all other types (cars, architecture, etc..) the following photo was all done without my mentors help or feedback including retouching it. I think I'm finally getting it for portraits in studio and on location.


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    2015 was a very good year for me, learned a lot, shot a lot, traveled a bit and if I ignore my expenses I made a pretty profit :-) (actually about broke even this year)
    2016 looks so far like it's going to be video where I need to focus my learning on...

    I choose this photo as "favorite" as I had just met this girl that would model for me, Lea, and looked at the clothes she brought I just knew how this shot would turn out.
    I've had these moments a lot more in 2015 than the years prior, so I feel I'm making progress, but there is still so much to learn.

    Lea - BW
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    FG-1D Corsair (6) by Paul Blount on

    Well, the lighting sucked this day and frankly this isn't the best photo I took in 2015, but it is my favorite. So it gets the nod for this forum. The iconic Chance-Vought F4U Corsair (this is actually an FG-1D Corsair manufactured by Goodyear, but when I call it that people try to correct me and argue about who made the Corsair in WWII). Taken at the Olympic Airshow in Olympia, Washington on a typical cloudy Pacific Northwest afternoon. I appreciate that you can pick out nearly every rivet on the airplane even though the light was so poor and that on this day at this time my panning technique was close to perfect with great detail and still plenty of prop blur.
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    Girl in shop
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