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    Google never gives anything away for free........

    True. Would you give away products you make without some kind of income from your work? Of course not, so why should Google? Everyone who's even glanced at the EUL of any Google product knows this, it's not some shocking revelation that will shake down the foundations of western, or eastern, civilization.
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    Anyone know if there are any freeware software that can use the Nik plugins ? I dont have any of the adobe tools ...

    PS: I dug around and found this ..
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    True Snowleopard, but they probably have your information already and over £100 00 worth of software free, is always welcome for the photographers who don't have it.
    It's still a good product, I don't think any of the other big players in software production will be following suit.Pity.
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    Hah! Yeah - come on Adobe! :D
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