Handy little widget for Df

Tradewind35Tradewind35 Posts: 77Member
Much as I like using prime lenses on the DF I tend (somewhat unexpectedly) to use a big zoom. Tried the 70-200 f4G. Despite reading good reviews that just did not do the business for me - mediocre sharpness in comparison with my primes. Sent it back to Nikon and they replaced the VR unit but overall results still not brill. So got a late model 80 -200 f2.8 AFD. What a fantastic lens - absolutely love it! Used this so much that the finger rest front cover on the Df was coming away -I usually wrap the strap around back of my hand and dangle the camera and lens with fingers on the fairly small front grip. Came across a little Nikon widget -the DF- GR1 accessory on ebay - which is a plate and front grip that fits on the camera base. Simple, sturdy but pricey like all Nikon widgets - hence got one on ebay. Works very well to improve grip on the Df , particularly when used with a big heavy beast like the 80 -200 f 2.8.


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