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Hope I haven't asked this question before but here goes.
Common practice amongst digital photographers is, after taking a picture, to glance down and check that image on the rear screen, where it tends to be displayed automatically.
That's how my D850/ D800/ D700 have all been setup.
Can't seem to get that functionality on the Z7ll.
No matter what I try to do there doesn't seem to be a way to get it to automatically display an image review in the back screen for a few seconds after shooting.
I can however get an image review in the viewfinder but this is something I DON'T want. As I'm sure you're all aware this would seriously interrupt and obstruct your viewing of the subject whilst shooting.
I have contacted Nikon Support UK about this and after much to-ing and fro-ing decided that it couldn't work that way.
Is this normal ?
Believe me when I say I have tried just about every combination that I (and Nikon support staff) can think of and cannot get this simple functionality.

Anyone know different ?


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    I use the button on the left site of the EV to cycle through EV, monitor and both
    In the SETUP MENU - Limit monitor mode selection.

    You have to press the "play" button to see the image on the monitor. I never noticed that it is not automatic anymore either.
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    I knew there was a reason I hadn't sprung for a Z9... ;)
    Always learning.
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    Image review was the one thing that bothered me when I switched to the Z6. I think there were some good reasons for the differences because of the evf etc. but I don’t think I was ever able to get it to be quite the same.

    Since the evf is a real time preview I don’t find myself needing to chimp as much. And when I do it a almost always in the evf since it’s much easier for me to see - the rear screen is too small for me to be able to check if the focus is dead on.
  • PixcelsPixcels Posts: 2Member
    I'm surprised so few people are finding this lack of monitor preview a major annoyance.
    Not really a problem when I'm shooting products in the studio and mounted on a tripod as I can then use the monitor to frame, shoot AND view an image review.
    It's when I am shooting people that I want to be sure I have captured an expression or framed the shot well and not got my subject mid-blink, that's when the instant image review in the monitor is so helpful.
    Having got to rely on this functionality on Nikon DSLRs I am finding the lack of it on the Z7 (and probably all the other Z cameras) a real miss.
    Can't be that difficult to re-instate it with a firmware update surely !
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,428Member
    Set one of your function buttons to playback.
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