Why cant i seem to recover this ONE photo i deleted off my D800

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I was goofing around with the camera so most of the photos i took were worthless half shots of like a foot or something but i got a really great picture of my friend studying, i mean it was an amazing picture. Then like an idiot i was quickly filtering through the crappy photos and deleting them straight off the camera (about 4), rookie mistake i know, and accidentally deleted the picture of the friend as the camera was catching up to me clicking the bin button over and over again. I immediately stopped dong anything and took out the memory card to try to recover the pictures on my computer. The software i got did the job quite well and i can see all the silly shots recovered but not that ONE i deleted from the camera its self. On my last ditch effort, after i got error messages on my sd card, i formatted it and ran it through the recovery software again (several different ones) and it still was able to recover photos i even took last year with a different camera but not this ONE picture i deleted straight off the D800.

Is it forever gone if deleted straight of the camera? How can i recover this photo?


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    Eh, if all else fails, for your awesome capture recovery, do the Steely Dan thing.

    "Do it again"

    If you took a great photo, then duplicate it... Take dozens and find the One you prefer to save/print.

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    Please do a forum search before starting new threads. There are many on recovering deleted files…here is one.

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