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    No new shots this past week as the weather has been terrible here :-(

    Heres one from the summer
    John Marshall, Scottish classic sports and sallons,
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    Awaiting a DX D400
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    Dreary day at Semiahmoo, Washington:
    Dreary day at Semiahoo
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    Thanks all of you for the encouraging comments on the Neverland pics.

    Dresden, Germany

    Got myself a PC lens, I hope my sometimes weird perspective on life will improve :-)

    This is one of the first shots, I still have to learn how to handle it properly.
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    nice Jurgen, nice. 

    Even after posting this picture over here, I'm not sure either I like it or not. Certainly it's too soft for me, that's why I ended up in such post processing. OTOH, this birds are kind of metaphysical creatures for me as I always get hypnotise when I see them.  
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    Just testing the new 105 DC lens and seeing if I can get a photo on the new site.



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    @SilenceBroken If you get tired of taking photos of her, I will gladly take over! She is beautiful and very photographic. Good shots

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    Nice cardinal coastal! I wish we had some of those here on the west cost, rather than so many crows.

    This is something I'm working on for the local camera clubs January theme of food, not something I would regularly shoot. Working with this I realized that two flashes isn't really enough, I'd like to have one behind and one on camera. On a side note I used an old Nikon SB-15 to trigger my 700 &800 in SU-4 mode.
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    Well I hope this works... 
    DJ Doubletake
    Shot with a D7000 & Tokina 11-16 with one sb700 hand held to the left of the camera to light up the DJ.
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    Mine for today...


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    DLK Photography: Deer &emdash; _DWK9376

    A shot of a young buck chasing turkeys.
    Yeti, you are correct, it is the time of year for deer to shed their antlers and that was the reason for the image. I saw that same deer again this morning, still has just the one antler
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    I hear you on the hummingbird hypnotism, Adam. One summer I was awoken about every other day by one buzzing in my basement room's window well. I think it must have been there hunting spiders, and it wouldn't stay long—they don't do anything slowly. I wish I had pictures of it.
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    This is the inside picture of a restaurant called The Thomas (a.k.a Fagiani's Bar) in Napa. Their is a lot of history regarding this property....dating back to 1910, however the one that everyone talks about is the robbery and murder of the owners daughter back in 1974. The owner closed the door a few days later and did not re-open it till the middle of this year after he sold it to a local business man for a small fortune. Hence, it was closed for nearly 40 years. While photographing the streets of Napa, I meet the manager of the property and he allowed me full access to the property to photograph in any way I wish. What can I say, I'm a great sales man :P So with out any further adieu here is my first series for your viewing pleasure.

    Thomas HDR 7.jpg

    D4 14-24 2.8 1/60 ISO 100 @ f/8 10 shot HDR +/- 1.0 EV using Promote Control System
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    Skies over Jerilderie

    First photo on the forum. Took the family on a 22 hour drive (over 2 days of course) for a surprise visit to the in-laws in Melbourne. On the way a storm was building near Jerilderie. The fire is from lightning.

    d7000, 18-105 @ 18mm, f10, HDR +/- 0.3.  
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    As it is the end of the year...sunset in a grave yard...


    For the technical folks, viewing the large image shows the noise of the sensor functioning at about 200,000 ISO  In the original it was totally black, but pulled up in LR 4.3
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    With all the beautiful exposures with ice and snow; I'm almost ashamed to admit this was shot from the comfort of our bedroom out the windowshot from bedroom window
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    Happy New Year Everyone! :) 24hrs ahead here in Korea~

    Left Out in the Cold
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    On to the New Year:
    Heron on a Rock
  • YetibuddhaYetibuddha Posts: 388Member
    Wow, putting up a larger image has its disadvantages, either that or my Heron just lost a lot of weight, and over the holidays!
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    D7000 - AF-S 50mm f/1.8 @ f/2.8 - 1/40 - ISO 800
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    Chickadee 12/31

    Happy New Years to everyone!
    Thanks to Msmoto for encouraging me to post on PAD.
    PAD members must have some pull on flickr, but my cardinal and Cooper's hawk were explored.
    Yeti, that is a handsome tall, dark and skinny Heron :)
    Stay safe and please don't drink and drive tonight!
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    Yes, Yeti, the forum has this annoying quirk of only adjusting the width to 640px to resize, which makes it look stretched.

    Coastalconn, you're famous! Well-deserved, too.
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    Yes Coastal...indeed a pleasure to see your images. Thanks for contributing.
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