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    Guys, the D750 is going to shoot at 7.0 frames per second.

    Consider the likely limiting factors:

    Battery power (important)
    Autofocus (not important, the auto-focus is the same as the D4s)
    Processer speed (important)
    Other limiting factors (can be limiting factors, but easier to design around)

    Let's assume that the mechanism has a same power requirement as a D810 and that the D750 takes a battery pack similar to the MB-D12. The D810 is limited to 7 fps in its fastest mode, which is DX with the MB-D12. If this is the case, then we are talking 7 fps.

    Let's assume that Nikon has upgraded the power and the limiting factor is processor speed. Consider a D810 can shoot at 5 frames per second at 36 megapixels. Assuming that the D750 is a 24 megapixel camera with the same Expeed 4 processor as the D810/D4s, then 5 * 36 / 24 = 7.5 frames per second. Using the same math to using the D4s as a basis, we get 7.33 frames per second, but the limiting factor with the D4s is likely mechanical or autofocus performance.

    I doubt that Nikon would significantly upgrade the power supply just to get an extra half frame per second. They will want to realize volume efficiencies here. Therefore, I predict that power will be the limiting factor and we get 7 frames per second.

    However, if I am wrong, then it will be 7.5 frames per second as the Expeed 4 processor will be the limiting factor.
    Yup! It is not 8. But I overestimated.......
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    Nice ! .. looks just like my D610 :-) except for the flippy screen..
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    I dont see anything wrong with the D750. It may not be what you want. But it looks like a camera that will take care of most needs. The only thing I would really miss is the AFon button. It is smaller, lighter and a good deal cheaper than the D8xx and Dx lines and will do 99% of the work for most people.

    If you have special needs you may have to look elswhere. But that does not make the D750 a bad camera.

    All in all it should sell well provided Nikon learned the lesson from the D600 :-)
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    After reading everything released so far, this sounds like an excellent fill of the gap between the D610 and D800.

    I think pro's and sports shooters looking for a D4 on the cheap may be disappointed. But value is the whole thing, not any one feature. That price is lower than we all expected, so something has to give - looks like it's FPS. I sympathize with the disappointed - the world is a faster place. Not so sure squirrels are getting any faster, but Olympic and world records are tumbling every year.

    For the D400 piners, I think it's reasonable to lament the lack of an 8FPS DX camera. But it's not fair to lament for an 8FPS FX camera at sub $3K.

    For many this will be just the cure to the shortcomings of the D610 and general function of a D700.

    Notable details further than the NR published numbers:
    - The frame is lighter, stronger, at some points thinner.
    - Deeper hand grip
    - minus 3EV AF

    Looks like henrik beat me to the general opinion... better post this and go to bed!

    p.s. U1 + U2 FTW!

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    Funny, seeing the "flippy screen" now, it kinda makes sense. At least it's not rotating, that will certainly make it tougher Still wondering about sturdiness - tell me what you want, but put something on hinges and it is a point of failure. Also dust and dirt will collect there.

    I'm a bit disappointed by the viewfinder, was hoping (not expecting though) for the bigger and brighter pro finder. But what with the price point and the past D700 vs D3 debacle, it was not to be expected, same for the pro controls. I don't need a dial for night portrait mode and shit. Is it October yet? Oh, then you should use *this* mode instead of the other!

    6.5 fps or 8 - still think it's a bit silly forgoing this release over 1.5fps. Someone above on the thread here, can't remember who, pointed out to me that it's.. well, one more. Despite not being an action shooter by any means, I understand the pure math, but let me put it like this: When shooting at 1/100th, that's exactly 1.5% more of the second-long period of time that you could catch. So you're still not catching 92% of what's happening. Good thing - or bad thing, that depends - is, the samples are evenly spread out over the entire second.

    -3EV is pretty cool though. And I understand the wifi now; it will work without the optional transmitters like the UT-1 thingy; so that's pretty awesome, using the app for remote control and instant download. Not something that would make or break it for me, but a welcome feature!
    So all in all, I think at the given price point it's pretty solid as an allrounder, minus typical pro-features that couldn't be hoped for anyways!
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    I suggest we close this thread (maybe re-title it to "Pre release") and create a new D750 post release. 13 pages of guessing is a bit much for anyone to endure to finely get to the "Actual" camera.
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    Any consensus on the size of the camera? The top LCD screen looks wider than the D7000 screen.
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    Any consensus on the size of the camera? The top LCD screen looks wider than the D7000 screen.
    140.5 x 113 x 78 mm/5.6 x 4.5 x 3.1 in.
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    I would be really surprised if you couldn't map the AE Lock button to work as an AF On Button. That would probably be the first thing I do. I always use the AF button and I'm not sure I've ever used the AE Lock button... on purpose.
    If I could do it on at D5100, I'm sure the D750 is capable. And I agree, I'm shocked that it didn't include the AF-ON button and from the looks of it they had the space. And if not, then why did they put the AE-L button so far to the left?
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    It looks to me that we may finally have the D700 replacement.
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    I shoot BIF regularly, and 6.5 fps is enough (for me), I will stay with the 5 fps of the D810. Most regular BIF shooters I talk to (we congregate at the various habitats) talk about better acquisition and tracking of AF much more than frame rate.

    I recently swapped my D800e for a D810, primarily for better AF tracking and twice the buffer capacity (when buffers are full your frame rate is effectively 0). I thought that he D800's 4fps in FX mode and 5 fps in DX mode as already adequate for my BIF shooting.

    I see lots of D800's at the habitats, and very few battery grips to raise the frame rate, so many other BIF shooters seem to agree with me.

    The most common conversation thread is about understanding the habits of the birds to be able to anticipate what they will do. That improves your chances greatly. I am still at the 'I think that's a bird' stage and am looking to more knowledge rather than fps to improve my chances.

    When I was a PJ, I shot a lot of sports, primarily basketball, with manual focus cameras. 4 fps was the fastest a motor drive could go without ripping film and breaking sprocket gears.

    The good PJ's at the games (I think I was one of them), ultimately could talk basketball like a coach, and knew the players and their habits. I was always better with the team I was covering , because I knew the players and coaches, could often spot a situation and knew what they would do. My coverage of the opposing team was not as good, even though I tried, because I did not know them as well.

    More fps can be good if used well, but at 6.5 (I am delighted with the 5 fps of the D810), the 750 is certainly 'suitable' for any service except some very specific professional PJ applications.

    The above are all my opinions, as related to my circumstances and experience.

    Regards .... H
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    @haroldp understanding the habits of whatever you are shooting, seems to be far more important than fps
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    I would agree with Harold. I've rarely felt overly constrained by the 4fps of my D800. For me, the decision around a second camera for BIF centers around a choice between a slightly higher frame rate (D750) and greater ability to crop (D810). With the price of long lenses being what they are (I currently shoot with a 300 f/2.8 and a TC20 and don't see any greater investments in my near future), I think it's probably more cost effective to learn to anticipate animal behavior than it is to buy longer lenses. Therefore, as good a camera as the D750 appears to be and as much value as it appears to deliver, my second body will likely be a D810.
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    Checked NIKON USA and B&H and there is no data on the FPS with the battery grip.
    Give credit to Peter for all the updates on the main BLOG. Outstanding work getting all the info posted.
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  • WestEndBoyWestEndBoy Posts: 1,456Member
    Checked NIKON USA and B&H and there is no data on the FPS with the battery grip.
    Give credit to Peter for all the updates on the main BLOG. Outstanding work getting all the info posted.
    Shhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't want Nikon to know who the chief spymaster is!!!
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    Checked NIKON USA and B&H and there is no data on the FPS with the battery grip.
    Give credit to Peter for all the updates on the main BLOG. Outstanding work getting all the info posted.
    According to the DPReview article, there is no FPS bump, kind of like the D7000.
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    All in all, I will go out on a limb and say it is going to be a great camera and will be the start of a new body style/body construction for Nikon. I will be saving up for one and hoping it doesn't have any early production quality control issues.
  • moreorlessmoreorless Posts: 120Member
    Perhaps one of the most significant things about this release if you ask me is just how much Nikon have been able to fit into this body. Looking at camera size its actually significantly smaller than the D610 not just in dimensions but in terms of the depth you get in the grip. Thats with a FF DSLR with a 100% viewfinder and a full pro AF unit.

  • MikeGunterMikeGunter Posts: 543Member
    Hi all,

    If it doesn't have any SNAFUs, it's on my XMAS list to me. :-)

    My best to all,

  • JonMcGuffinJonMcGuffin Posts: 312Member
    Well, I for one am fairly disappointed by this release. It's Nikon's choice what they want to offer and I truly do respect that. It's also worth pointing out everything that is lacking in the D750 that I had hoped would be there is in the D810. What I'm unsure about in the D810 is a slower frame rate and fat ass files but what I get for that is cropping capability and 5fps is useable. 24mp at 7-8 fps is just ideal (for me).

    - D610/D7100 body style. I love my D7100 but love my D700's pro feel better.
    - 1/4000th I'm sorry is a full stop less capable and disappointing to me.
    - AA filter, I'm surprised they didn't remove this ala D7100/D810.
    - ISO 100 base, D810's ISO 64 is helpful in bright conditions.
    - No AF-On button. I'm an exclusive back button focuser and I know I can program it like on my D7100 but I like having both buttons there.
    - $370 battery grip. The third party grips just don't cut it and this is a mandatory buy for me, was hoping it would come in at $250; particularly considering the "consumer" build.

    - 24MP, 6.5fps. Sure I wish it were 7 or 8 but 24Mp FF seems perfectly right to me.
    - WiFi, that's an awesome feature. I hope it works as well or better than my friends Canon or Fuji's offering but if it does, this is really great.
    - Price, wow, $2,300 - basically $1,000 less than D810. Truly, from a value perspective, this really beats the D810 on value.
    - Video, don't shoot it much but if I did, glad it's class leading in many respects.
    - Flippy screen, I'm gonna give Nikon the benefit of the doubt that this will remain rugged and weatherproof.
    - low light AF focusing abilities. Wow, -3EV is cool.

    - Two SD slots, ok I wanted a CF but most importantly - it has two slots!

    sigh.. I don't like to make $$ a big factor in this type of purchase because it's a once in 5-6 year buy but I will have to consider this camera. Going to be particularly watchful of dynamic range and noise remakes as well as how wifi works. If reports come out very positive.

    Did I leave anything off??
  • GarethGareth Posts: 159Member
    1/4000, no AF-on and a tiny viewfinder.

    I hope it doesn't take too much effort to convince my insurance company the D810s is the current D700 and not the D750.
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    Other than the obvious benefits of improved focus points (pattern and qty)/-3 sensitivity, does the 'better' AF capabilities of the D750 result in more ACCURATE or FASTER focusing as compared to the D6xx?
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  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,508Member
    The answer should be yes: just as the D800/D810 has more accurate and faster focusing than the D600/D610.
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    The D750 is going to be a great seller....well done Nikon.

    I have a feeling more buyers will move in this direction vs the D610. The D810 sales will not be affected due to the features of that body itself.

    @JonMcGuffin: you are being to hard on yourself.
    @PitchBlack: Valid question, however, I moved your question to the Df where it should yield better responses from those that own it and those that might consider getting it. Lets keep this conversation on the D750.
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    I like this body style. Hoping it becomes standard for the D7x00 and D5x00, if not also D8x0 on up. One of my concerns with floppy screens is the loss of the left-side column of buttons. From previews so far, it appears to be solid and well-engineered.
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