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The blog is making it look more and more like its legit. Thoughts?


Detailed Nikon D7100 specs:

24.1MP CMOS sensor
No AA filter (similar to the D800E)
51 AF point, 15 cross-type
Built-in HDR function
2016-pixel RGB sensor
3.2" 1,229k dots LCD screen
Dual SD card slots
EXPEED 3 processor
ISO range: 100-6400
100% viewfinder coverage
Video: 1080p @ 60i/50i/30/25/24 fps plus 720p @ 60p
Compatible with the WU-1a wireless mobile adapter

Read more on NikonRumors.com: http://nikonrumors.com/#ixzz2LV7YXFA0
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    No AA filter interests me. I wonder how much additional sharpness that provides?

    51 AF points also looks very good. Might just fill the screen more.

    Could be quite a performer.
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    Im most curious about the price.
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    I'm seeing $1199.95 on some sites.
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    $1,199 was the price of the D7000. I will guess about $1,300 which leaves room for a D400 later this year at $1,700 to $1,800. I am not giving up on the D400.
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    Both dpreview and Photo.net are listing the MSRP at $1199
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    Cool its got a M43 2X crop mode ! :-)
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    Once My D7000 goes out of warranty sometime next year I'll probably pick one of these up to replace it and convert the D7000 to wide spectrum photography.
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    DP Review of the D71000.

    My thoughts on D7100 is this. Given that I have the D7000, I do not see a "got to have it" reason to sell my D7000 in order to get this new body. If you don't have a DX body and want to get one, then yes I would go for this body when compared to what Nikon has in its DX line.

    Things I like: 51 AF points /w 15 cross types; same battery as the D7000 & D800. Bigger screen and new CMOS. Lighter body, and price.
    Things that disappointed me: Same FPS, Same ISO, New Battery grip, AA-left out.
    What I was hopping for: Better ISO for lesser MP's

    With all that said...I will wait to see how the RAW files look given these new specs. Time will tell.

    Mr. Thom Hogan and I are on the same boat.

    Edit: I miss spoke with my comments above. I have a whole new position on D7100.
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    It probably will have better ISO's and while the fps hasn't been upped the buffer has been expanded astronomically
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    Real generous of Nikon to sell the $1199 body for $1599 with the 18-105mm.

    I hear it is been assigned as the "flagship DX camera" .
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    Glad I skipped right past it and went for the D4. While I know that isn't normal (I spoil myself), or even slightly feasible for most, I'm glad I didn't wait for the D7100.

    I'm with @Golf007sd, the things I would have wanted most: higher ISO capability (lower MP/larger photodiode size), larger buffer when shooting RAW (still only 10 frames), XQD or CF slot to increase buffer flush rate.

    The AF system should be a huge plus for most, but IMHO the D7100 is still not an option for shooting sports. It would seem they leaned more toward the D800 and less toward the "D400." Still a great camera, and for $1199 I think it is tops for DX users.
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    YAY! I´m excited about the 1.3x additional crop and the 51pt. AF system! A nature/bird photog's dream camera, 6FPS is enough for me.

    The only possible beef I have with this is that it´s probably going to be too small for my cramping hands.

    How I wish for a Nikon D600S (with the 51pt AF system and a full magnesium body) to go with this..
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    Much better button placement on the back (similar to that of the D90), a lot less cramped in general.

    Other than that, the updates are pretty much expected, megapixels, af system, since it seems that there's no where else for them to make substantial upgrades at this price point. Definitely leaves room for a D400. Just read Thom's commentary and he's right that Nikon would be making a big mistake to not come through with a true D300 successor.
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    I think, my Nikon family will get a new baby :)

    There was not a big need for a 24MP FX, while I already have a 36MP, but I was very envy for the silent shutter of a D600. And when the price start to increase again on 1st February, I lost interest because of the dust question.

    What I see is a usage concept I like more than that of the Pro-bodies, no AA filter, lock on the mode wheel... probably I sell the D7000, but who knows. It will fit better in my needs than the D600. I'm curious how it will feel. New battery grip? Well, on some accessories they are making a lot of money.
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    The new crop factor is interesting as is the lack of AA filter, didnt expect either of those! Saying that i expected it to cost more too!

    As a D7000 owner it doesnt deter me from looking towards FX in future, i'd rather get rid of the crop factor completely and keep the resolution. So my plan of investing in glass for now has not changed.

    Does anyone know if the auto bracketing is limited to 3 frames like the D7000?
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    Just read about the really slow buffer speed on this. Pretty disappointing, but early indications seem that it can only handle 6-7 raw shots before it fills up. Pretty much is a dealbreaker for anyone shooting action. Definitely leaves an opening for the D400 though.
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    I'm wondering where it says anything about the buffer? Can't find any info on that other than in comments to blog posts??
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    so guys, You waited for so long and now all I hear is this... c'm we got 24Mpx and no AA which is good IMHO, though the 6fps could be better - I haven't found any info of fps with the additional grip.
    from things I don't like with this release is the lack of hope for d400 as some major Nikon sites mentions it as a flagship DX. I really hope that's not true, but will see. anyway let's start D7200 predictions... who wants one, what You wanna see in it? lol
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    Looks like file size is the main difference between it and the D7000, along with flash wifi stuff. Awesome buy at $1,200 but I'll be waiting for the D400 before upgrading.
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    This ain't your daddy's Oldsmobile.....(USA Joke)

    Unfortunately, for me, I think I will wait and see what is going on....an interchangeable mirrorless APSC, or real D300s replacement.
    Msmoto, mod
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    I will buy pending any major issues. Operation save funds for D7100 commenced. Looks like just what I want and I could really care less about the high fps...I never hit the buffer on my d5000 so not too worried.
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    As I was waiting for the D7000 replacement, this new model seems a very reasonable upgrade. I am just a little suspicious whether the no AA is just a cost reduction or will really bring extra sharpness.
    But for those waiting for the d300s replacement, I think they might be a little disappointed since this model has lower fps and no CF slot, important features for some users.
    Actually I don't believe Nikon is merging the two models. Just checking on Nikon website, it seems they are still considering the D300s above the D7100, which can mean the top-dx position is not to be fulfilled by the D7100. Additionally, pricewise, there is a gap between D7100 and D600 that I believe will not remain uncovered.
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