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    Msmoto, perhaps you're correct. It certainly wouldn't surprise me WHAT will be our technology in three years, much less five years. I just hope I'm still alive and healthy enough to use it. :P
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    Does anyone know if the auto bracketing is limited to 3 frames like the D7000?
    Goes up to 5 (afaik)

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    Cool its got a M43 2X crop mode ! :-)
    We'll keep holding out for the EX format!
    LOL !

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    @skintbrit - considering d3s as a best low-light camera on the market there's not that many other cameras that will satisfy You :)
    As always you're correct adamz. That's why I've just bought another one. ;)
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    At least for me I thought about a D7000 for a while so it makes sense to me even if there isn't a huge performance gain. The new af system should be nice and hopefully some gains in the new sensor. Oh yeah and the price is right.

    I haven't researched more....is it all metal or a composite like the d7000/d600?
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    I haven't researched more....is it all metal or a composite like the d7000/d600?

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    I was hoping for that chrome shutter button!
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    I was hoping for that chrome shutter button!
    Haha, I guess you could always take it apart and spray paint it if you wish!
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    I was hoping for that chrome shutter button!
    Haha, I guess you could always take it apart and spray paint it if you wish!
    It's too bad they are not like the old threaded type that can come off easily. Would not mind putting a Nikon yellow one on there!
    No chrome shutter button is a deal breaker! LoL!
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    I pre-ordered one yesterday from B&H. The absence of a AA Low pass filter is bad engineering in my view, but I decided at that price the D7100 is worth a try. I do think this also signals that the D600 is up for a revision fairly soon (which it needs for sure). On the other hand the D7000 is a brilliant camera and I believe for a FIELD camera about the best value out there. I look at D7000 stills as very excellent and without the omission of the AA filter moire effects are absent. The reason we just ordered the D7100 is my son and grandson think it will focus better during video. I thought our D7000s both have good sharp video if you use the right technique and as always some situations are inherently much tougher than others. Selling a D7000 to buy a D7100? I would not recommend that to anyone! I have people who are less serious trying to buy my D90 and 18-105VR at prices that I consider to low. Given all I read on this site, often written by people who own D800 and D4s and even D3s that I do NOT, I might consider just buying one except for their price. Sure means that as a semi-retired guy....price is now a consideration that I did not used to apply so heavily. I will go check out Thom Hogan's initial reaction as that should be a very important viewpoint.
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    There is another topic where the chrome button issue was raised.
    I guess it is a good idea for the chinese. Chrome and/or yellow button caps for nikon users.
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    Guess I better order a 16-85 DX Nikkor after reading Thom's site. It is the one lens I always intended to buy.
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    Guess I better order a 16-85 DX Nikkor after reading Thom's site. It is the one lens I always intended to buy.
    I would rather take the Tokina 16-50 f/2.8 or the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 for the price. Better and faster lenses, and the Tokina is tougher built as well.

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    @ birdman

    You must be as old as I am.... :D
    Msmoto, mod
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    @DaveyJ: I had the 16-85mm lens but no longer own it. Although it was a good lens, I found it more trouble than it was worth. It front-focused at one end of its zoom range and back-focused at the other extreme. I read similar complaints on-line from a half-dozen other owners of the same lens, all of them consistent with mine. In addition, when I first got the lens, it did not focus properly at infinity. I sent it back to Nikon and they repaired it under warranty---with no fuss---so that it did focus correctly, but even so the back/front focusing issues remained.
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    To fix focus issues properly Nikon needs the lens and the camera body. Expecting a fix without sending both items is expecting too much.
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  • Within hours of the announcement, I ordered my copy from B&H. After the problem I had with ordering the D800/D800E, I didn't want to wait even longer. However with later cameras there seem to be plenty of stock upon initial release so maybe I was premature in ordering the D7100. Since I really love the D800 and the D800E (I'm a landscape and seascape guy), I wasn't bothered by the 4fps rate of the D800 cameras. But when I used it to shoot birds, the frame rate became somewhat of an issue. But the biggest reason is the 24mp in using DX mode. The D800 line has the DX crop available but then you drop down to 15+mp. With the D7100 you get 24 mp, plus the 1.5 crop factor. I have just the 300 F4 Nikon lens for telephoto and this $1200 camera is far cheaper than buying a 400 mm F2.8 lens and certainly much lighter to carry (weight is a concern when hiking). On the Canon side I have the 500mm F4 but I now find that I'm using that lens and camera less and less because of the weight. The weight issue of supertels is what keeps me from buying Nikon. Although I would jump at the chance of an F4 400mm Nikon (Nikon are you listening? I'll even give up IS for lower weight, you can even charge more if you have to....)

    I'm very excited to have the equivalent of a 450 mm lens with no more weight than my very light 300 F4 which I consider one of my sharpest Nikon lenses. I also have the 1.4 and 2x extenders as well as the 1.3x crop mode in the D7100 available should I need it by a simple menu command.

    I am concerned about three D7100 potential issues:
    I wear eyeglasses and why the -2 diopter and not the normal -3 diopter found on most upper level cameras?
    Buffer size limited to just 6 NEF files. Does that mean I can shoot for only 1 second before it slows down?
    Since it only has SD cards I hope the UH-1 spec is real and bulletproof. SD still has not caught up to the
    speed of CF cards.

    If there is a D400 coming I hope the buffer is much larger, CF cards are supported, and no compromises with the viewfinder correction that people wearing eyeglasses must have.
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    Ladies and gents I just had an epiphany...with respect to the D7100. And I must say, I stand corrected. So what is this new light that has gone off in my head...well all you have to do is ask an owner of a D3s when the D4 came out when asked: will you be upgrading.

    For those of us that own the D7000, it has been able to deliver fantastic results for us; therefore, from my persecutive, I do not find the new features that needy. Moreover, the D7000 impressed me so much that once Nikon introduced their new flagship FX, I made the transition to the D4. Hence, why I purchased Nikon pro-lenses. (Hint..hint new comers and D7100 owners to be.

    The D7100 new features are great, specially for the new comer that is thinking of getting a semi-pro body, thus joining the DSLR world. By all means have at it...the D7100 is going to open up your world to photography. In fact, if it deliever the same or better results than the D7000, you are all going to very very happy with your purchase.

    As a D4 owner, I now understand those feelings and mind set of the D3s owners. But as a new D4 owner, it's features and performance have amazed me..much like those will feel when they get their hands on the D7100 for the first time.

    In short, welcome D7100...you are about to make a lot of people happy...well done Nikon.

    Cheers to all and happy shooting.....
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    Seems the flagship ain't no flagship after all.. I´ll probably be holding out until late August in the hope of seeing a D400. If my impatience does not fail me. If it does, I´ll get rid of the D7100 the second a D400 is announced. 3:-O
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    Hi guys forgive my long post but I wanted to share what I have learned today and felt this was the best place barring starting a new thread which I did not want to do at this stage. I went to my local photographic store (Diamonds Adelaide city) in Australia and asked him what price he thought the D7100 would cost to buy from them when it is released. He went off a sec in the back and apparently talked to a Nikon rep who happened to be in the shop. He came back only with a guess of a price but I was shocked at how high he was quoting. As he informed me there have not officially be any RRPs actually release in Australia or anywhere else for that matter it could be a bit off. The prices he was thinking was likely was ~$2100 with the kit lens and ~$1800 Body only. He did however state that it could be a little lower than these prices but I guess he was high-balling the price in case it was more expensive. Now I know I have mentioned this a few time around this website as to how us in Australia are getting ripped off with much electrical and computer items and to me this is just another blatant case assuming the preorder list prices quoted over the last few days are true.

    I raised the point I felt these prices are significantly higher that I would have assumed both compared to the US (~$1199) and UK (~$1085) pricing but it also is higher than the few unknown local online retailers who have it listed for preorder (from $1199 - $1599). Now remember the Australian dollar is currently at 1.03c v the US dollar and 0.68 to the British pound. So if I compared the price to the US it should be about the same and possibly fractionally cheaper and when compared to the UK (amazon) price it should be about $1596. His counter argument was that 'in Australia our wages are higher and our dollar is higher and so the price going to be higher than in the US and UK' (I may have gotten this slightly wrong but that is the gist of what he was saying). From more of the conversation I felt his position was that he felt we deserved to pay more as we had potentially more disposable income due to these higher wages. Now I do not really agree on this point as I would think the majority of buying in any of these countries are likely to be be middle class the same. Also I think he is totally off the point as to the currency pricing as a higher $AU should make imports cheaper not more expensive.

    The discussion also went off in another direction on the grey imports topic in which he was highly discouraging doing so. On this point I do not disagree with him especially on a as yet unreleased item which could well have some hidden problem. For some other items I as I said in my grey imports thread I would buy that way especially for cheaper items or when the in store is more than double.

    He also felt that there could well be stock problems at least for them for many months in a similar way the the 800's which apparently took them 9 months to get thought their orders and actually have stock on shelves. He was also not very confident that there would even be any stock for a body only option. I think this was likely a tactic to get me to put my deposit down then and there so I would not miss out which for me I am in no hurry.

    One other interesting thing he felt it was initially only about 2 weeks away from launch (possibly less even) but I corrected him a few times saying the 21st is the date all of the media is currently saying which is over 3 weeks away still but I am not sure he believed me as he seemed a bit of a 'know it all'.

    In the end I walked out of the store feeling like I probably would not want to buy the camera from that store (this is not the first time I have had less than helpful staff in that store) and probably making me more wanting to wait and see what the other retailers might do and what the reviews say.
    Thank you for reading my post and sorry it is so long.
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    Auzzie premium price issue to one side, it doesn't sound like he said much wrong to me. I wasn't there though so it just sounds like he - individually - is low on people/sales skills though. You can expect to pay more at the beginning of the product cycle than the middle or end of course - if you want to roll the dice with a new product, you pay the price.
    Always learning.
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    @skintbrit - considering d3s as a best low-light camera on the market there's not that many other cameras that will satisfy You :)
    As always you're correct adamz. That's why I've just bought another one. ;)
    If only I could find one for less than $3000. However, I returned the d5200 due to extreme back focus issues that cannot be fixed in camera and happened into a mint D3 with 42,000 clicks for $2000. So psyched to have a fast camera again. :)
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    Preordered a D200 when it was 1st announced, lived through the initial "banding" issues & grew to treasure that camera for the next 6 years or so. In the interim I passed up opportunities to acquire the D90, D300, D300S & the D7000. But now, sadly, the venerable old lady is aging rapidly & its time to retire her. I've now preordered the D7100 & hope that I have the same success with it as I did with the D200.

    One question: the accessories sheet for the D7100 does not list the SB800 flash as an accessory. I assume that's because its been archived. Could someone confirm that the SB800 indeed works on the D7100. Hate to buy another flash as it took me several years to learn all about this one. (slow learner)

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