D610 "fEE" error, camera or lens??



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    OK, do you know anybody with a Nikon? get them to try your body on their lens and their body on your lens. Not absolute proof, because you may have a build-up of tolerances that their gear doesn't have, but it is quick, easy and free.
    Always learning.
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    Similarly, I guess what you could try is walk into a camera store and see if you can try another 50mm 1.8 AF-D on your body.
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    Or vice-versa, plop your 50mm on their D610. The intermittent nature of the problem is the maddening part of the issue. Where are you in the world? We might be able to suggest some good shops.
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    Unfortunately I don't have any friends with a Nikon. I am near St. Paul, Minnesota.
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    So, if it is the camera and the camera just doesn't work with "D" (or af? would it be the "D" part or the fact that it's just AF and not AF-S that it doesn't work, as the sigma I have, with it's own focus motor,works?) lenses, would it work with this lens?

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    I was thinking of getting another lens but I am not sure which lenses use the same connections as the 50mm af-d that doesn't work. I'd like to get a more versatile lens than the 70-300 I have, that works, and start learning.
    Also if I get a 50mm G lens, instead of the D, do you think that will work?
    Sorry if these are dumb questions, as I have said, I know less than nothing about this camera, or lenses, but I'd really like to be able to figure this out without spending a lot and start using this camera.
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    The 50G would be the same as the siggy for the interface and use none of the D bits.
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    I would not call a 50 mm a very flexible lens ...not wide enough for most situations where you cannot foot zoom and forget using it in dark situations as you get minimal depth of field ...If you want to go ultra sharp and good price a Nikon 24-85 VR would be excellent and go with that 70-300 ..second hand they are cheap but it must be the VR version the old one is junk.
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    Yeah, I have been looking at the 24-85 lens and it sounds like exactly what I want. I hesitate to spend on more lenses when there may be an issue with the camera though. Another issue I found is that the sensor on the camera is dirty and it shows up on the pics in one corner (usually not when on the auto camera setting though, unless you really crop in.) Is this something I can clean myself? I have seen cleaning kits for this online. The camera was suppose to be cleaned when it was taken in to get the auto focus fixed but they must not have done it.

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    This issue is probably resolved by now - but for the record od benefit of others I'll still chip in with my comment.
    I had the same issue on my Nikon D750. I checked the contacts, made sure that lenses (as I had this with more than one lens) is locked on highest aperture. I even changed the mode from command to focus ring (helped a bit, but I did not have full functionality).
    So I took it to Nikon to be fixed.
    There is a small ceramic part inside that is called "Aperture F-FO Base Plate Unit". It is fragile and easy to break. It can break from normal use, possible vibration going over speed bumps or if you knock your camera.
    In my case Nikon fixed it for me under warranty free of charge.
    If they diagnose it as mechanical damage, they might refuse though - in such case (or if camera is out of warranty) you may purchase the part on ebay (make sure you purchase right part) and take it to local camera shop to be fixed.
    If you know what you are doing (I didn't) you can do it yourself - in the video below instructions for D7000
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