PHOTO-A-DAY: May 2013

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*PLEASE POST ONLY ONE (1) PHOTO PER 24HRS* in this thread.


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    La Valencia Hotel -- La Sala Bar Lounge

    LV HDR Lobby 2 -- piano.jpg

    D4 14-24 2.8 ISO 100 @ f/5.6 +/- 1 EV 10 shot HDR using Promote Control System
    For a larger view click here.
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    My share and the last one from San Francisco....

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    Happy May from where it's still April! Took this when I first got my 35 mm f1.8 and could think nothing other than "blur the background, blur the background!" :\">


    D7000 1/5000 ƒ/1.8 ISO 200 35 mm
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    Last month was fantastic.

    Taken at the end of the main Saint-Martin cave, New-Brunswick, Canada
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    @msmoto .... to answer your previous question, I think St Peter screwed up and I made it through the Golden Gates! :-B

    27mm Pan
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    well, I see that May is starting off with a bang also. :-bd
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    Perfect lighting, Pierre.

    A Winner

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    Great start to PAD for May.

    Bland...who knows? it is...

    Chicago IV 04.26.13-19

    The Art Institute of Chicago is such an overload of beauty and wonderment.... and the photo section is an emotional experience especially for those of us who were once doing the exact same thing as the ones on exhibit.
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    MsMoto: I have an exact copy (even with the same frame) of Renoir's Two Sisters On the Terrace hanging in my house, but your colors are more vibrant than mine. I was surprised by your colors but prefer them to mine.


    Best seen in the Flicker lightbox:
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    Westgate Park Silhouettes

    Nikon D800 - Nikkor 70-300mm VR @ 200mm and f/5.3
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    @Golf007sd- Absolutely amazing!! =D>
    I can't get over that reflection in the piano!! I know where I am staying the next time I visit San Diego!
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    Trying to see what I can get out of the recently acquired D7000 -
    D7k testing 03
    D7000, 105mm f/2.8 @ f/8, 1/250, ISO 1000
    was a bit breezy; I think I want to revisit this
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    @dissent- nice detail! Nice and sharp for a "breezy" day!
    D7000, 18-200VRII | 50 1.8G | SB-900
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    May is off to a great start! I had a lot of fun with my osprey this morning..
    Osprey Hovering 1 5/1
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    dissent: Try f22 for more depth of field.
  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,452Moderator
    I think Dissent may have only caught the tips of the stamina in the rear of the DoF Donald and of course it is f8, sharp and shallow versus F22, less sharp but more of it. My 60 is better at F8 than f11 or smaller.
    Always learning.
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    100 Strangers Project: No. 5
    Captured on St. Patrick's Day morning as she stepped outside of her place of employment to photograph the sunrise. She happily agreed to become a part of this project. I didn't post it immediately, I held onto it a bit before sending it to Flickr.
    100 Strangers Project: No.5
    D800 ; N24-70mm @ 70mm ; f/11 ; 1/100 ; ISO 3200
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  • So nice this start of May here.

    Yesterday in the park "Clingendael", the Japanese Garden was opened for the public till half June. We were there today and as you can see, nature is 1 month behind now. The Japanese Garden is 100 years old, with trees of the same age now. More of this after 3 weeks, with all the flowers.
    Japanse Tuin-6173.jpg

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    AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED105.0 mm
    ISO 200Meg

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    Wide%20Rolleiflex%204_0 Mayday Mayday! This isn't mine but saw one on Ebay & have always been in awe of the beauty.
    @Adamz - cute creatures, huh? I saw them for 1st time (in person) just recently. They are TINY.
    @Golf - great composure; Lines need a teeny bit of straightening but overall great
    @Witty - you must have gotten one of the "better" 70-300VRs. Ha. J/K - a very capable lens
    @DonaldJose- If you don't mind, where are you and your wife from? Just curious, as I like to learn about people.
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    @ donaldejose and spraynpray -
    yeah, what I was going for there was just the tips of the split stigma rising up out of the yellow fog of the rest of the flower. I was a bit off on the focus level and need to get a bit more parallel to the plane of the stigma tips for the effect I wanted. Maybe have to try even a bit larger aperture!
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