Nikon Retro F-Mount Camera (FM2 Style)



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    I'm not negative on this product, but it doesn't offer enough for me to get in the pre-order line. The pluses are the D4 sensor and the nice mechanical controls. But availability and price work against it. I'll want to actually handle one before I buy.
    A second D800 for the same money is a known quantity. I know I'll get my money's worth, prompt delivery, and no grief on a D800. Standing in line for a new Nikon product hasn't worked out that well in the past, and not knowing when it will actually arrive means I can't schedule paying jobs for it. So I'll wait to decide until it can be bought off the shelf.
    My resolve could break down,though. It's been known to happen.
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    Funny as it is Id take this over the D800. 36mpx is exactly what I don't want. In fact Ill probably buy one before Feb given my fund doesn't go to car repairs or "lame" photo business expenses. After looking at the specs I am drooling... None of the crap I don't want with all of the stuff I do want.

    On another note the only way nikon can please the majority of this crowd here at NR is with a D7100 sensor in a D800 body with 2 stops better than the D7100 and 8fps shooting...
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    First, the 16, 24 and 36MP FX sensors used by Nikon are comparable in low light performance and D4's version does not particularly stand out to a greater degee. The 16MP choice is dictated by the fps requirement of D4 and the processing power of EXPEED3 than anything else.

    Second, there is more to low light performance than the sensor. AF performance is particularly important and the 39pt is not known for low light accuracy, not to mention the awful FX coverage as it currently stands. This camera is far from a mini D4 considering the AF, fps, body build difference. I would say it's more like a reclothed D600/D610.

    As it's currently priced, it probably won't make a material impact to Nikon's profit. In a couple of years, it may come up with an updated version using a better AF module. In this first round, I think it just wants to milk the retro fanatics first.
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    Well looks like it has been officially announced. It does have a flash sync terminal and at 1/250 but up to 1/4000 shutter speed. there are times where 1/8000 is needed with a f1.4/f1.8 for daylight. I don't always use it but iso 100 helps anyways.

    Anyways I added the camera to my cart

    then I took it out.

    Looks like the d800 will stay with me. Why I wanted this? Besides the retro look? Street shooting. Less intimidating and possibly less desirable from the people out there looking for a payday. I don't get many looks when I shoot the primes compared to when I was using the 24-70. The pricing is not what I would go for but that's just me.

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    Detection Range -1 to +19 EV


    I said it before and I'll say it again fuggedaboutdit.

    As others have said, it's just a D610 in a shiny new (and admittedly nice) body.
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    I have zero interest in this camera for the reasons tc88 mentioned above.

    The D300, and the D700 focus = fast and accurate. The only camera that Nikon makes under the D800 now with superior focus is the D7100. We can buy the best glass in the world, have the best lighting systems but if we cannot focus accurately in the field because of low light it serves no purpose to have 12MP more resolution, or a higher ISO than the camera focus accurately. It is this simple, so unable to follow Nikon's design plan enthusiastically.
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    So close to what I wanted for a backup FX body to my D800. The design is pretty sweet but different battery than the D800 as well. Figured with how much they are pushing the use of old MF glass that they would have included a proper focusing screen as well. I do really really really want to mess with one. There is definitely a market for it but sadly I am just not part of that market. On the same note I wish that they had the aperture coupler design on the Dx/D800/D6xx/D7xxx.

    I do really dig the retro styled 50mm f/1.8 AF-S that lens does look sharp.
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    Looks nice, but at the end of that day that's it. The camera is priced to high, with compromised build quality (not full mag alloy). Might as well pick up a D610, at least it has dual card slots...

    I also noticed that Nikon Canada is not offering the Df body only, what stupid thing to do. Even if I did get this, which I no longer intend to do, I'd then have to sell off the 50mm f1.8 I already have.
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    So, $2750 it is then. Wow. Sure is the prettiest in the line-up though.
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    Dear NFR members,

    If you all would be so kind...please make your additional contribution, as it relates to the Nikon Df, to the following link.

    Nikon Df General Discussion.

    Given that this body is no longer a rumor this thread will be closed.

    Thank you all for your input. On behalf of the Mod's we look forward in seeing your remarks on its new location.
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