PHOTO-A-DAY: March 2013



  • pippigurlpippigurl Posts: 241Member
    @mikefrewer: any idea what type of tracking device that is on your osprey?
  • TheGipperTheGipper Posts: 110Member
    View from the top. Tokina 11-16mm, 11mm F/7.1, ISO 200; can't remember the shutter speed, it was a while ago :)

    Orange Apple
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    Gipper I love that view. Have been to the Top of the Rock several times. An old one from me.
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    Catch 'o the day for me, D4+VR 70-200 2.8, f/22, 2s, ISO100, CPL
    Skybluepink Denver
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  • MikeFrewerMikeFrewer Posts: 51Member
    @pippigirl. I have no idea, sorry. The presenters at the centre we went to only spoke French. Unfortunately my French is not good enough to understand everything they said. What I do know from talking to someone that did shows in the UK, is that it is a transmitter in case the bird doesn't come back one day. They can then track it down and bring it back to the centre.
  • donaldejosedonaldejose Posts: 3,401Member
    Unusual tree bark.

  • GitzoGitzo Posts: 174Member
    @ Spraynpray......I'm with you up to going to PAD: Can't find any "reply"; hope this is it.
    This red macaw was taken with an F 5 & Fuji Velvia, than scanned and digitized a few years later; the "virtual frame" was my first attempt using gradients with photos; if you really like red, you may like it;

  • Dredden85Dredden85 Posts: 364Member
    @TheGipper- Nice and sharp! I love the orange reflection off of the river
    @proudgeek- awesome detail!
    @obajoba-the contrast is amazing and the site you chose was perfect to catch the evening? sun reflection. Superb shot!
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  • Dredden85Dredden85 Posts: 364Member
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    @Gitzo- I think that the red border really compliments the Macaw. I always loved shooting with Velvia. My Mamyia NC1000 loved it.
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  • spraynprayspraynpray Posts: 6,450Moderator
    Hey Gitzo - well done and welcome!
    Always learning.
  • GitzoGitzo Posts: 174Member
    Lol, and LMAO ! After all of that, and the dumb thing comes up as a thumbnail ! So now I suppose I'll have to figure out how to make the next one about 4 time bigger.

    @ Dredden.......Thanks! It would look a lot better if it was a little bigger; when I tried to get one up last night, the sizes in the little box were bigger; I couldn't figure any way to get a bigger size to come up. Will try another one after midnight; ( hint; it's a photo I took of "Count Dracula")

    @ spraynpray......Thanks a lot ! At this point, the biggest mystery of all is, how did I ever manage to get that picture of the woodpecker on here ? I think my memory must work backwards; I can remember things that happened in WW 2 just fine, but I can't remember how I did something 3 days ago.

    @ donaldejose........I think it's a sycamore tree; I have 4 great big one right behind my house; I think those little round rust colored things are some kind of blight; I haven't seen any of that on our trees. My wife just tole me yesterday that the sycamore is the "Indiana State Tree"; I said, "oh really? that must be be why Indiana State University in Terre Haute (25 miles away) calls it's sports teams "The Sycamores"! ( I think she was unaware of the fact )
  • ZSChowZSChow Posts: 72Member
    Lovely city scapes :)

    Mike, thanks! A very opportune shot.
    @dizzent, you got a mythical creature in an image there ha
    Don't try, don't know, so I keep trying.
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    Catch 'o the day for me, D4+VR 70-200 2.8, f/22, 2s, ISO100, CPL
    Skybluepink Denver
    nice - you need to return there at twilight - ideal traffic trail location

  • dissentdissent Posts: 1,313Member
    Unfortunately for my place in scientific history, the mystery of the unicorn bird has been solved.

    Ready for Spring 5c

    Guess I'll have to keep my day job. So who wants my place on the lecture circuit?

    Very nice pics upthread, y'all.
    - Ian . . . [D7000, D7100; Nikon glass: 35 f1.8, 85 f1.8, 70-300 VR, 105 f2.8 VR, 12-24 f4; 16-85 VR, 300 f4D, 14E-II TC, SB-400, SB-700 . . . and still plenty of ignorance]
  • tganiatstganiats Posts: 131Member
    Today's pict is an old one. Korean War Memorial in DC. Actually took it twice. Years ago with an pre-DSLR Nikon...then here (in 2009) with a D80. I like how the flash's light helps the images disappear into the distance, a just statement of how our memory of those fallen often fades.

    Korean War Memorial

    D80 with 18-200VR @ 20mm, 1/60 (flash) @ f/5.6; ISO 640.
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  • DXV_PhotoDXV_Photo Posts: 158Member
    A little tulip shot.

  • Amberlight2012Amberlight2012 Posts: 26Member
    DXV_Photo - I always like the water droplets on flowers. Nice work.

    Dissent - Great action shot !

    Itisnotmeyouknow - I can not place the city from the skyline, but I like it.

    donaldejose - I really love the bark.

  • rschnaiblerschnaible Posts: 308Member
    My share today, spring has hit northern California with a bang.....

    Spring Flowers
  • itsnotmeyouknowitsnotmeyouknow Posts: 481Member
    DXV_Photo - I always like the water droplets on flowers. Nice work.

    Dissent - Great action shot !

    Itisnotmeyouknow - I can not place the city from the skyline, but I like it.

    donaldejose - I really love the bark.

    If you're referring to the city buildings with the bending road, that wasn't my shot but obajoba's My guess is LA, although I haven't been there for a while.

  • bri4njunbri4njun Posts: 4Member
    WOw haven't been on here in a while! Here's a picture I took while having a little get together. Not too bad after having a few drinks:
  • kanuckkanuck Posts: 1,300Member
    Beach paradise in Ko Lanta, south Thailand:

    Ko Lanta South Thailand
  • blandbland Posts: 812Member

    Well, never say you've heard it all. I was shooting this event today for them and their VP came over after 3 hours of shooting and told me I had to pay them, seriously. LOL I refused and left, hope they aren't wanting their pictures.
  • pippigurlpippigurl Posts: 241Member
    North Carolina Azalea Festival is fast approaching!


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    @bland - that's an odd story... how did you get the job in the first place?

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