PHOTO-A-DAY: March 2013



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    Amazing shots!

    @Gitzo- missing your shots. Please check your inbox.
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    One from the garden yesterday:

    D800 Nikkor Micro 200 f/4 at 1/125 ƒ/8 ISO 400

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    Nice Iceland shots. this country is a photographers dream.

    ...a kiss and a smile...

    Just a fun shot....kiss and smile.
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    Blue hour.
    D90 | 24-70 | 38mm | f/5.6 | .4s | ISO 400
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    Pippi and Benji, Oh do those scenes look so nice and warm! Contrasted to mine for the day: One more wintry image from Lolo Pass:
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    Jurgen Made me smile!
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    Couldn't resist the local (Brevard) Zoo while in Florida. I'm an animal lover. They had animals. Tried to disconnect any sense of captivity in my shots :)

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    @Yeti, great lines, great light. Lovely shot.
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    @ gitzo, i am afraid i cant show you because i deleted it from my flikr, i am slowly removing the worse photos.

    but if you want to see more, google "odaiba gundam". i doubt it walks .... i dont know what it does, just a tourist attraction i think. hopefully it wont become self-aware and start replicating ...
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    Lots of nice images being posted this month.... Very inspiring.

    Martinez and Sacramento River Delta
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    Orchids in a row.
    D7000. 125th f4.8 135mm.
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    I've been a little absent lately due to too much work. There are some very inspiring shots and I even felt inclined to comment on a few landscapes, which I rarely do, not because I'm a bird snob, but there are some truly powerful shots on PAD lately..

    I will have a new toy soon attached to the trusty ol D300 but for now, another one of my Ospreys with the Tamron 200-500...
    Osprey 3/23 4
    1/2000th F8, ISO 800
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    Sailing ship ?

    Moments of Light - D610 D7K S5pro 70-200f4 18-200 150f2.8 12-24 18-70 35-70f2.8 : C&C very welcome!
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    @ Juergen.......That is without a doubt, the single sharpest, most unique hippopotamus pictures I have seen yet!

    @ Yetibuddha......That shot of Lolo Pass looks like it's right out of a David Muench book ! Too beautiful......

    @ Coastalconn......Great osprey shot! (when that guy goes fishing, he don't mess around with the small stuff!)

    @ Gipper......You sure succeeded with that jaguar! he looks like he's in the wild of the Amazon!

    @ Mikep........I got on Google and spent half the afternoon reading about the "Gundam" ! all about his many "models", weaponry, how they have to take him all apart to move him.........the Japanese are really into monsters and robots; amazing!
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    Not quite the reach of Coastal, but I'm getting there.
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    Here is one taken over the shoulder of a friend shooting portraits of another friend (unfortunately a Canon shooter). The lighting was the modeling light from the soft box.

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  • itsnotmeyouknowitsnotmeyouknow Posts: 481Member
    One from the back garden looking across the bay just before sunset

    Nikon D800 Nikkor Micro 200 f/4 at 1/100 ƒ/16 ISO 500 200 mm

  • YetibuddhaYetibuddha Posts: 388Member
    Very nice images all.
    I thanks for the comments on the Lolo Pass winter shots. My last day up there for skiing, last Saturday, was truly an amazing day.
    Now its time for other things. The one crocus in our yard that made it through the snow:
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    @Pierre Nice light, but creepy building, rolls everybody out of there beds. :)
    The photo (page 27) made it look like this (by design). At that time of the year, the sun peeks very low between the two buildings and reflects back off green, blue and pink glasses from other buildings behind the camera in zigzag ways, causing all sorts of effects. I walk there every morning since the last 4 years and that was the first time I saw it like this, so pretty rare event. The two ovals of light matching the light fixtures really caught my eye. It was pretty bright, had to lower exposition to get the effect I was looking for.
    Below is another one of the same building (the Queen-Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, the right-half of the below) taken at almost the same location.

    Forgot if I have posted this before, taken last fall. Had to tame-down the sky quite a bit, perhaps too much. No 'HDR' software used, just plain PP. It just show how much usable data the D800 can harvest. The grass in the shade of the plastic furniture was pitch black and the sky pure white.
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  • Super Pierre, that's where it is all about, light, like to see more.
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    @TheGipper: you are posting very nice photos, thanks for sharing.


    Here is another one from the Thaipusam festival in Malaysia. It is a bit dark, but I choose to not correct it, because I did not want to brighten up the flame.
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    Quaker style college building in early morning.

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    Here is one of the better ones from today.


    Thanks to Coastalconn for the settings.

    D7100, Nikkor 70-300, 1/2000, f5.6, ISO 280, 180mm. Cropped in LR4.
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